April Progress Brings May Goals

Another busy month is in the books. Here’s a snapshot of April 2017 as we experienced it here at Boreal Games.

Updated UI Features

The UI has seen even further updates, both with new features and making existing ones more obvious.

To that end:

  • Contracts can be reordered by dragging and dropping
  • Company status has been rolled into a contextual info bar beneath the contract manager, showing when it is relevant and keeping the UI clean.
  • Mulligan can be performed at the beginning of a skirmish, allowing a player to exchange up for 3 contracts for different draws.

  • Player and Opponent panels have been simplified to display conquer scores and player icons, as the previous company info was moved to a more contextually appropriate location. This opens up space for upcoming social features.
  • To support the mechanic of conquer victory, a conquer panel now displays when the score changes on either side.

Technical Improvements

Text parsing is cleaner and includes parsing for niche abilities.
Ability stacking has been fixed to properly add multiple conditions on one unit.
Several issues with AI movement, path-finding, unit refreshing, and repairing towers were fixed.
Graphical performance was enhanced while decreasing the size of the client.
All techniques were provided the functionality to give multiple conditions or spawn multiple different units. Also, triggered techniques were provided the functionality to trigger on more than one action.

New Demo Decks

*Gunslinger Squadron:*
A Wealth demo deck has been added to the deck choices in the demo client! Gunslinger Squadron relies on ranged pirates, scavengers, and siege to make for a truly explosive strategy.
New Wealth cards have been added to the game, including pirates that drop potions and weapons, myrmidons that gain strength from raiding, and powerful spells.

(You can download the demo and enter to win a Nintendo Switch here).


We’re very excited to have the first of our custom models in the pipeline. While the model is looking great, it’s not quite done. For now, check out this concept we had done awhile back to get an idea of what’s in store:

UMaine Business Challenge

For a lot of this month we were busy preparing for the UMaine Business Challenge, which was a pitch competition that gave us the chance to pitch Crystal Companies in front of judges, Shark Tank style.

We won second place!

On the Horizon

We are transitioning into summer–tying up loose ends and getting ready to tackle some totally new areas of the game. Essentially, we’re going to be polishing current features and adding new ones over the next few months. If all goes according to plan, Crystal Companies is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the very near future! #knockonwood

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