CrysCo Update Notes – April 18, 2018

4/18/2018 – April 18th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  • Added an attribute called Waterbound that forces a unit to move exclusively in water.
  • Reduced increased Crystal cost on captain death from 2 to 1 extra crystal.

Card Updates

  • Intellect (Orange)

    • Changed rarity of Imperial Engineer from common to uncommon.
    • Changed rarity of Imperial Warder from uncommon to common.
    • Changed rarity of Imperial Channeler from rare to uncommon.
    • Added Imperial Mason : cheap and weak creature that can repair structures and build walls.
    • Added Imperial Artificer : builder and can clone one structure.
    • Added Flicker : spell card that teleports a creature to a random space within 4 spaces of that creature.
    • Added Countervail Turret : structure with trap trigger that deals a small amount of damage and chills.
    • Added Zligen Carbine : weak turret that gets +attack and attack range until end of turn whenever you play a spell.
    • Added Supply Balloon : uncollectible weak structure that has an activated ability that heals structures and destroys itself.
    • Added Flicker :
    • Increased cost of Imperial Invoker from 3I to 3I1C.
    • Increased cost of Imperial Invoker from 3I1C to 3I2C. Increased attack from 1 to 2 and health from 2 to 4.
    • Increased cost of Imperial Channeler from 3I to 3I 1C.
    • Updated Zligen Reactor to trigger its Shockwave ability on death and added Transmute to draw a random spell card.
    • Updated Utility Turret to now give overshield to adjacent structures each turn and spawn a Supply Balloon as an activated ability.
    • Changed rarity of Frontier Generator from rare to uncommon.
  • Nature (Green)

    • Reduced cost of Direvine from 4N to 3N.
  • Spirit (Blue)

    • No updates.
  • Wealth (Yellow)

    • Added gun cards to Outlander Gunslinger’s Salvage ability:
      • Outlander Flamethrower : spell to give AA: burn+damage.
      • Outlander Hand Cannon : spell to give AA: bleed+damage.
      • Outlander Snare Gun : spell to give AA: tangle + damage.
    • Changed Drake Isle Draught to give pass instead of agility.
    • Gunpowder Charges is now rare.
    • Changed Gunpowder Charge to deal random damage instead of consistent damage.
    • Added AOE damage trigger on enter battlefield to Alomian Brigand and Alomian Outlaw.
    • Changed Drake Isle Mutineer’s Chuck Petard ability to select one target and AOE random damage to all targets within 2 spaces.
    • Changed Fleetfire Powderman’s explode range from 3 to 2 and damage to random damage. Increased maximum potential damage from 2 to 3.
  • Crystal (Pink)

    • No updates.
  • Environment

    • No updates.


  • Added a projectile to each Fragment ability so that the effect is more clear.
  • Added missing card art and models.
  • Updated the cloth physics of several models.
  • Added market capability to add +5 (hold shift) and subtract (hold control).
  • Added a text to the skirmish results window that identifies the owner of the report.
  • Update AI to be spawned on spots that they can move to (e.g. native AI can be spawned on forest/mountain).
  • Added missing lore text to many cards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs with confirming and undoing the placement of a card.
  • Fixed a visual issue with projectiles where they wouldn’t always destroy at the correct time.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the healthbar not displaying movement/attack.
  • Fixed a few visual issues where deck and hand counts were not properly updated on the client.
  • Removed a random mountain tile on the Islands map.
  • Fixed a bug in AI movement where AI would use a define perimeter instead of movement range for moving.
  • Fixed a bug where player one’s captain would be added to player two’s hand on game start.
  • Fixed a bug with adding a card to hand but not taking into consideration captain death count.
  • Fixed a text parsing issue with certain spawn techniques.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI subtracting too much resource from their pool and not being able to trigger any abilities.
  • Fixed card id of Re-Load so that it wasn’t a duplicate.


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What Spring is Bringing

The Crysco demo continues to evolve, and it becomes more exciting to play every day (get your alpha Steam key in our Discord server if you haven’t already!). That said, we are also doing work outside of the game to improve visibility and grow the community. As we head toward summertime, we will be putting the finishing touches on the look and feel of the game alongside technical updates. Here’s what happened this month!

New Art

Another Marta Nael piece reached completion this month! We teased this concept art last month, but the final version is here. Expect to see this piece worked into CrysCo’s in-game menu system soon.

Game Changes

  • Added a new ability called Adamantine (cannot be dealt more than one damage).
  • Added a new ability called Water Walking (can move and land on water spaces).
  • All skirmish reports are sent to each client at the end of the match.
  • Updated market so that trading from native to crystal resource can be done with any combination of 5 native resource.
  • Changed maps to improve the balance of resources and general navigability
  • Lots of QoL changes, which can be seen in depth in the update notes!

New Cards

Over the past couple of months we’ve completely overhauled Wealth/Yellow cards. The emphasis with this group of cards was always on attacking and comboing off of it. Expect more explosiveness when playing Wealth–literally and figuratively!

Also getting a big update is Intellect/Orange. More utility cards, structures, and synergy across spells, creatures, and structures is the focus here.

We will be periodically tackling each cohort of cards in order to better balance and define the play style associated with them.


This year Boreal Games will be exhibiting at PortCon in Portland, Maine. We are very excited to be attending because, as far as we know, it’s the only convention of its kind in Maine. We hope to see you June 21-24!

Find out more about PortCon here:


The entire team has returned to semi-regularly streaming! Catch us on Wednesday nights around 5:30 EST:

On the Horizon

A few months back I mentioned that we will be reintroducing a core feature–deck building–back into the game; this is still happening! A lot needed to be done to ready this feature for reintegration–and many other auxiliary systems have to be considered at the same time. All of this to say, soon is a relative term! All I can say for sure is: if you follow us on Twitter, Twitch, and/or are present in our Discord server, you will be the first to know when CrysCo’s next big feature arrives!

Until next month! Thanks for reading.

CrysCo Update Notes – April 4, 2018

4/4/2018 – April 4th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  • Added a new ability called Adamantine (cannot be dealt more than one damage).
  • Added a new ability called Water Walking (can move and land on water spaces).
  • All skirmish reports are sent to each client at the end of the match.
  • Update market so that trading from native to crystal resource can be done with any combination of 5 native resource.


  • Added Coalitions: draw 2 random cards from a pool of Crystal-costing cards.
  • Added Imperial Subsidies: cards cost 0 Crystal (pink resource).

Card Updates

  • Intellect (Orange)

    • Reduced duration and amount of Imperial Engineer’s Overdrive ability from 2 to 1.
    • Reduced cost of Zligen Reactor from 3I to 2I.
    • Added a 1-turn cooldown to Zligen Reactor’s trigger ability.
    • Changed cost of High Command Turret from 3C5I to 2C6I.
    • Reduced cost of Utility Turret from 2C2I to 1C2I.
  • Nature (Green)

    • Changed cost of Growth Potion to cost 2N.
    • Added a 2-turn condition duration to Growth Potion.
    • Reduced attack on Resistance Tunneler from 3 to 2.
    • Reduced cost of Pelagorn Egg from 2C2N to 1C2N.
  • Spirit (Blue)

    • Added new models for Hochraun units.
    • Added new model for Traist, Prince of the North.
  • Wealth (Yellow)

    • Added Fleetfire Cannoneer :
      • Attacks in a line with random damage
      • Pierce
      • Can morph into a cannon.
    • Added Re-Load: spell that refreshes all attack abilities and restores attack points to one unit.
    • Added Thopter: really weak and cheap flying siege unit.
    • Added Outlander Gunslinger : attack can target two units and can Salvage a friendly structure to draw two gun cards.
    • Reduced the range of Ambush Trap’s trap ability from 3 to 1.
    • Reduced the range of Artillery Turret’s attack from 6 to 4. Changed its range from turret to ranged.
    • Changed Gunpowder Charge so that it destroys itself when someone steps on it (enemy or ally).
    • Changed Drake Isle Head Hunter’s trigger ability to draw a card instead of gain resource on destroy.
    • Changed Drake Isle Marauder to draw equipment card on destroy. Increased attack from 3 to 4.
    • Removed all abilities from Outlander Roughrider and replaced them with Pass and an activated ability that can stun a structure.
    • Reduced attack range of Brimstone Mortar from 6 to 5. Reduced health from 4 to 3.
    • Increased cost of The Wasp from 2W to 3W.
    • Renamed Alomian Mechanist to Outlander Mechanist; removed stun structure ability.
    • Renamed Hired Commando to Helmscross Commando. Removed Native and Builder and replaced them with Pass.
    • Renamed Alomian Pillager to Alomian Rogue. Changed its trigger to generate random amount of wealth on destroy.
    • Renamed Hired Scout to Helmscross Scout.
  • Crystal (Pink)

    • No updates.
  • Environment

    • Removed the cooldown of Crystal Formations’ Fragment trigger.
    • Added Adamantine to Crystal Formations.
    • Increased the health of Frontier Rockslinger from 6 to 10. Increased its attack range from 3 to 4.
    • Added Taru Tortoise: slow, 1 armor, and fragments on death.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug with Drake Isle Mutineer’s Chuck Petard ability where the projectile wouldn’t be destroyed properly.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the card image of some spell cards where it wouldn’t scale correctly.
  • Fixed gameplay bug where the AI opponent would avoid Crystal Formations.
  • Fixed gameplay bug where the AI opponent would not play structure cards.
  • Fixed various issues with targeting so that traps and residents can be targeted by an ability even if a trap and a resident are on the same spot.


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CrysCo Update Notes – March 20, 2018

3/20/2018 – March 20th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  • Command Posts and Support Operations are now structures.
  • Taru Quarry:
    • Moved the Giant Crystal Formation from the right side to the center.
    • Added Crystal Formations to the center area.
    • Increased the size of the walled in center area.
    • Added one build site to each side of the center area.
  • Restructured investments to no longer use tiers and instead more specific paths. Each investment line is now split into two, more specialized paths.
  • Updated  costs of many investments to reflect the new structure.


  • Added Lookouts: structures get +2 line of sight.
  • Added Muster Points: structures are staging areas.
  • Added Keeps: structures get +2 attack and attack range.
  • Added Sylg Fur: creatures get +1 health.
  • Added Mystics: immediately draw a rune card.

User Experience

  • Reduced wordiness of ability info-text.
  • Ability info-text now include colored links for certain keywords that, when selected, open to their definition in a separate game guide window:
    • Associated abilities are highlighted purple.
    • Conditions are highlighted red.
    • Related cards are highlighted cyan.

Card Changes

  • Intellect (Orange)

    • Changed cost of Imperial Engineer from 2C2I to 1C3I.
    • Changed name of Weak Intellect Generator to Zligen Coil.
  • Nature (Green)

    • Removed cost of Underground Tunneler’s Emerge ability.
    • Changed Wandering Mandrake’s Curse Screech ability to be activated instead of triggered.
    • Increased the cost of Deeproot Druid’s activated abilities from 1N to 2N.
    • Changed Slumbering Mandrake to morph to the Wandering Mandrake instead of spawn.
    • Reduced Giant Tree Lizard’s armor from 3 to 2.
    • Reduced armor on Megasloth from 2 to 1.
    • Added a 1-turn condition duration to Growth Potion. Changed its cost from 4N to 1C2N.
    • Decreased attack of Forestal Axeman from 4 to 3. Removed Native.
    • Reduced health of Woodfolk from 6 to 5.
  • Spirit (Blue)

    • Removed the attack ability from Seplaem Corpusant.
    • Reduced health and armor of Hochraun Phalanx from 5 to 4 and from 2 to 1.
    • Reduced cooldown of Hochraun Commander’s Recruit Soldier ability from 2 to 1 turn.
    • Changed name of Weak Spirit Generator to Seplaem Shrine.
  • Wealth (Yellow)

    • Ambush Trap now spawns 1 to 3 pirates instead of 3 always.
    • Changed Drake Isle Mutineer’s Chuck Petard ability to use a target.
    • Changed Gunpowder Charge to explode on death. Replaced its Explode (AOE damage) ability with a self-destruct ability (destroy self).
  • Crystal (Pink)

    • Increased attack of Guard Tower from 1 to 2.
  • Environment

    • Reduced health of Crystal Formation from 4 to 3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Sylg Conservatory’s sub-type to be a support operation.
  • Fixed card id of Zligen Reactor.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI player would infinitely try to claim an invalid claimable object.
  • Fixed Guard Tower’s triggered Auto-Shot ability.
  • Fixed a typo in Imperial Messenger’s triggered ability text.
  • Fixed a bug where the screen’s width and height would not be saved correctly.
  • Fixed a positional issue with the tooltip.
  • Fixed a visual bug where the highlight from the tutorial would stay active even after the tutorial was skipped.


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Spoiler Alert! Cards are in the Cards

Last month I hinted at a new/old feature’s (re)appearance in CrysCo. Spoiler alert: it’s not ready yet! But don’t despair–this month was packed with progress (but of course you already knew that because you’re following along in our Discord community). New cards, updates, and fixes abounded in February and into March. And some of us are improving at actually playing the game as evinced by this tasty “S” rank (though double S’s have been reported, they have not been substantiated with photographic proof).

Game Changes and Quality of Life Updates

The game is evolving at a rapid clip! You can get your own Steam key and play along by joining us on Discord (link in intro), but here are some highlights from this month:

  • The marketplace feature has been standardized and is now available at any point in a skirmish
  • Crystal is now generated at a lower rate but can be acquired in new and interesting ways, including through investments and in the environment
  • Individual hexes can be selected and now have specific characteristics (terrain at this juncture is merely aesthetic but could take on additional properties in the future…)
  • Outlines delineate active from passive abilities, and icons have been applied in a more coherent way across the board
  • And much, much more. In fact, there was not one but two significant updates over the past month.

Card Updates and a Word (or several) on Lore

The initial set of cards in CrysCo has seen countless iterations, and it is still evolving–the beauty of a dynamic card game is that this will always be the case to some extent. However, revision is being supplanted by a solid foundation in many cases. Here is a brief overview of the current state of each available crystal type and the cards aligned with them:

Spirit (Blue)

Representing a fractured northern kingdom and aligned with the crystal strain known as “seplaem,” the Hochraun remnants, Old North clans, and Menhiran Order band together for team-oriented gameplay.

  • Creatures work in tandem to overcome an opponent; keystone abilities include “faithful” (disseminating boons to nearby allies on ally entering the skirmish) and inspired (which works on the same mechanic but is a self-buff)
  • Spells augment clusters of creatures’ ability to survive (healing, protection, overshield, toughness) and act quickly (i.e. zeal, agility, and move range).
    • Banners are spells unique to spirit that can only be played around a creature
  • Structures are few and far between in spirit, meaning that population capacity is a major concern for such a creature-heavy style of play

Wealth (Yellow)

Alom is the currency crystal of Masteria, the primary setting of Crystal Companies. The Alomian Isles–so named because of the mines and commerce this confederacy is known for–are rife with pirates, mercenaries, and rogues, each with their own style of fighting and deceiving. This confederacy provides a rich tapestry of individual cards from which to choose–just don’t expect them to be individually balanced or come with a lack of risk to the battlefield.

  • Spells are scant in wealth, but unlike spirit, siege units augment the reliance on creatures–population capacity remains a resource to balance as siege is affected by it
  • Speaking of creatures, wealth consists of ranged gunpowder units, fighters that vary in ability based on attacking, and units with inherent zeal (movement on first turn in play). Wealth’s creatures are explosive–literally and figuratively
  • Siege and traps give wealth an edge in allowing them to clear the battlefield of enemies, albeit in a fairly risky fashion (usually involving blowing things up)

Intellect (Orange)

The Stadian Empire controls most of Masteria, including a vast walled city networked with Zligen crystal energy hubs that enable the deployment of defense mechanisms and transportation via warp-portals. Domination is an exercise in strategic thinking for the Stadians.

  • Structures and spells make up the majority of an intellect-based arsenal.
    • Turrets are immobile but provide support, visibility, and act as a deterrent to enemies in an area
    • Spells act to disrupt and immobilize enemies, and also enable the creation of temporary fighters in the form of zligen constructs
  • Creatures in intellect are typically utilitarian–building structures, scouting new areas, and capturing waypoints
  • Siege in intellect is a minor element but a formidable one–the siege zeppelin is a prime example

Nature (Green)

The Forestal region of Masteria is a semi-autonomous region that is defined by its sprawling wilderness. Different regions in nature represent individual strengths, but the commonalities across the cards–from the Deeproot jungle-dwellers to the Terran resistance fighters to the protectors of the Grove–is that they are adapted to environments of all kinds.

  • Plants are a unique sub-type in nature that can be structures or creatures. Plants can be food, materials, or even fighters
  • Creatures are diverse in nature too: humans fight alongside reptiles, arachnids, birds, and more. Native is a core mechanic of nature creatures, and flying is also a common trait. Poison plays an outsized role, as do abilities like territorial and evolve (wherein creatures act when enemies move in range and when creatures change in size and abilities over time, respectively)
  • Spells in nature play a mid-sized role, by and large serving to boost the vigor of plants and creatures alike

In the future, we hope to offer a glossary of lore and game mechanic terms as well as a complete card list. Currently, you can look up in-game cards by using a command in our Discord channel, which is also where you can access the game and discover new cards through playing the game itself.

On the Horizon

The functionality of Crystal Companies will continue to develop in the coming months. We invite you to join our Discord server to help with testing, give feedback, and hang out. New features will also be appearing/reappearing in the near future, as previously hinted at. So keep an ear to the ground! Or something like that.

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak at some new concept art coming soon!



CrysCo Update Notes – March 10, 2018

3/10/2018 – March 10th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  •  Players now have 10 seconds to decide to ignore or confirm a triggered ability.
  • Built towers can now be deconstructed back to their build site form.
  • Serene Prairie
    • Paths have been added to connect each player’s zone to across the river.
    • Senile Prospector has been removed from the map.
    • The abandoned campsite is now a build site where a staging area can be built.
    • Crystal Fragments have been replaced with Crystal Formations.
  • Increased the average rarity of available cards while drafting.
  • Updated the default decks to include new cards that promote different strategies.
  • Reduced line of sight of support operations from 3 to 1.
  • Reduced costs of the three default build sites from 3C to 2C.
  • Environmental AI no longer respawn.


  • Reduced the movement gained from Swift Boots from +2 to +1.
  • Reduced cost of Windsteppe Tactics (give all creatures multi-strike) from 9C to 8C.

User Experience

  • Added an outline to ability buttons on card and unit panel that change color based on ability type:
    • Trigger (reactive) abilities now have a yellow outline.
    • Activate abilities now have a lavender outline.
    • Passive abilities now have a gray-blue outline.
  • Added sounds to warn that a turn’s time is running out and that a turn’s time has run out.
  • The detail view now is able to switch between a unit’s active state and its original (card) version.
  • Added an ability icon for Zeal.
  • Updated radial menu icons to be consistent with the unit panel icons.
  • The attack icon now changes based on a card’s attack range:
    • A sword signifies an attack range that can reach only adjacent spots.
    • A bow signifies an attack range that can reach spots two or more away but not adjacent.
    • A staff signifies an attack range that can reach spots two ore more away and adjacent.
  • Increased font size of card cost numbers.
  • Turn timer now stops counting down after the game ends.

Card Changes

  • Intellect (Orange)

    • Changed card type of Zligen Sprite from creature to structure.
  • Nature (Green)

    • Changed Boskstrider’s heal ability to only target 1 unit. Removed cooldown.
    • Changed costs of many cards to cost more Nature and less Crystal.
  • Spirit (Blue)

    • Reduced attack of many cards:
      • Common cards now typically have 1 attack.
      • Uncommon cards now typically have 2-3 attack.
      • Rare cards now typically have 3-4 attack.
    • Increased health of many cards.
    • Changed costs of many cards to cost more Spirit and less Crystal.
    • Added +Line of Sight to Clarity of Purpose.
    • Menhiran Cleric’s Shelter ability now costs 2 Spirit.
    • Priest of Seal’s Holy Seal ability now costs 2 Spirit and lasts 2 turns instead of 1.
  • Wealth (Yellow)

    • Reduced attack of Fleetfire Buccaneer from 3 to 2.
    • Increased cost Saen Sure-Shot’s Long Shot attack from 2W to 3W.
    • Changed cost of several cards to cost more Wealth and less Crystal.
  • Crystal (Pink)

    • Reduced costs of many cards now that Crystal is harder to attain.
    • Claimable Crystal Formations are now called Crystal Fragments.
    • Reduced attack and armor boost of Masterian Sellsword’s activated ability from 2 to 1.
  • Environment

    • Gave a 1-turn cooldown to all Fragment Crystal abilities.
    • Increased Stone Giant’s attack from 1 to 3.
    • Gave Stone Giant Cripple on combat damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where units would not be revealed from invisible properly.
  • Fixed a display setting issue where the screen wouldn’t correct its resolution.
  • Fixed a visual issue where error messages wouldn’t be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where traps couldn’t be targeted in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug with some windows would not be correctly displayed or hidden.
  • Fixed a visual bug where environment AI would show negative movement points.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where cards would not be mulliganed.
  • Fixed a bug where only challenged players could join skirmishes.
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling starting a game would deselect a selected deck.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a deck wouldn’t immediately load its information into the view.
  • Fixed a bug where a right-click would be treated as left-click.
  • Fixed a display setting issue where certain resolutions were corrected improperly.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to attack via the radial menu would always use the default attack ability.


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CrysCo Update Notes – February 27, 2018

2/27/2018 – February 27th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  • The market is now available regardless of if you have a trading post unit.
  • The market prices have been increased:
    • Trade 5 native resource to buy 1 Crystal.
    • Trade 1 Crystal to buy 1 native resource.
  • Siege now affects population.
  • Certain triggered abilities can now be ignored.
  • Command Post now generates 1 Crystal instead of 3.
  • The Crystal gained by crystal formations has been reduced by 1.
  • Build sites no longer cost extra Crystal the farther they are from your base.
  • Increased initial population capacity from 3 to 4.


  • Individual hex-locations can now be selected. The terrain type is now displayed in a small tab on the left side of the screen.
  • Selected hex-locations can now be used as a proxy for highlighting ability or movement ranges on cards or selected units.
  • Added a setting to auto-pan to battle actions.
  • Added extra details to a unit’s health bar:
    • Unit’s name.
    • Current attack (turns gray if it has already attacked).
    • Current movement points.
    • An icon that represents unit’s card type.
  • Added different terrain puff effects for the different terrain types.
  • The “waiting on opponent” message window is now much more visible.
  • The camera will no longer pan while the game window is not focused.


  • Added new tier-1 economy investment called Trading Routes: +1 Crystal generation.
  • Added new tier-1 economy investment called Requisitions : one time purchase of 3 of your native resource.
  • Changed Bankers to give better trade prices instead of make your Command Post a trading post.
  • Reduced Crystal cost of Bankers from 7 to 6. Reduced the Crystal generation gained from 2 to 1.
  • Moved Caravans (+1 Crystal generation) to tier-2 economy. Increased Crystal cost from 2 to 4.
  • Reduced cost of Masterian Optics and Swift Boots investments from 3 to 2 crystal.
  • Increased the movement speed gained from Swift Boots from 1 to 2.
  • Increased the population capacity increase of all related investments by 1.
  • Increased Crystal cost of Agents from 3 to 4.
  • Increased Crystal cost of Coalitions from 5 to 6. Reduced the number of contracts gained each turn from 2 to 1.

Card Changes:

  • Spirit (Blue):

    • Added Hochraun Page : common creature that draws card on enter.
    • Added Hochraun Phalanx : common creature that attacks all adjacent and has high defense.
    • Added Menhiran Hopplite : common creature with ranged attack and can pierce armor.
    • Added Gird : common spell that gives toughness to one creature until the end of turn.
    • Added Illumination Banner : common spell banner that has big line of sight.
    • Updated Zeal to give movement and zeal.
    • Changed name of Dove to Drake  and changed its ability to refresh a unit’s activated abilities for 1 spirit.
    • Changed name of Conjure Rally Banner to Raise Rally Banner.
    • Reduced Spirit cost of Hochraun Squire from 3 to 2.
    • Reduce Spirit cost of Hochraun Shieldmate from 2 to 1. Increased Crystal cost from 0 to 1.
    • Banners now can only be placed around an ally unit.
    • Old North Paladin’s Retribution triggered ability now has a 1-turn cooldown.
  • Wealth (Yellow):

    • Added Drake Isle Madcap : common creature with zeal.
    • Added Fleetfire Powderman : common creature that explodes on death.
    • Added Drake Isle Mutineer : uncommom creature with zeal that can throw explosives.
    • Added Windsteppe Assailant : uncommon creature that can leap and deal damage to an enemy.
    • Added Drake Isle Draught : common spell that gives +2 movement and agility to one unit until the end of turn
    • Added Overawe : uncommon spell that stuns targets until end of turn.
    • Added Windsteppe Journeyman : uncommon creature that when it sees another ally attack, it gets +1 attack until the end of turn.
    • Updated Fleetfire Commodore Butros : now has multistrike and a melee attack.
  • Intellect (Orange):

    • Added Calyptra, Mistress of Artifice : legendary creature that spawns a Zligen Construct whenever you play a spell, teleports to a random location when damaged, and has protection.
    • Added Zligen Reactor : uncommon structure that, when you play a spell, deals 1 damage and stuns all within 2 spaces.
    • Changed name of Imperial Magi to Imperial Channeler.
    • Updated Shockwave : now teleports all targets to random locations.
    • Decreased Isa’s attack from 3 to 2. Increased health from 1 to 2.
    • Spawn Magic Walls now spawns using the rotatable 3-row target.
    • Imperial Warder now requires 1 Intellect to use its spawn construct ability.
    • Changed name of Weak Magic Wall  to Dim Magic Wall
    • Increased Siege Zeppelin’s Crystal cost from 3 to 4.
    • Reduced health of Zligen Construct from 5 to 3.
  • Nature (Green)

    • Added Deeproot Toxinist : common creature that can Harvest a plant to aquire a Deeproot Toxin card.
    • Added Deeproot Harvestor : common creature that can Harvest a plant to generate 1 Nature.
    • Added Groven Piper : common creature that can give Docile to an enemy creature as an activated ability.
    • Added Resistance Lookout : common creature with native.
    • Added Pitfall Trap : uncommon trap that tangles a unit that walks into range.
    • Added Direvine : uncommon plant structure that tangles when a foe walks into range.
    • Added Deeproot Kudzu : common plant that grows eat turn.
    • Increased cost of Forestal Bard’s activated abilities to cost 2 Nature instead of 1.
    • Changed Starnys, Grovekeeper to be able to morph a plant into a Woodbairn.
    • Updated Primal Rally : now only lasts until the end of turn.
  • Crystal (Pink):

    • Added Guard Tower : structure with ranged attack and auto-shot.
    • Build Barricades and now spawns using the rotatable 3-row target.
    • Rune of sundering now targets Generators and Command Posts.
    • Increased condition duration of Steal Rune from 2 to 3 turns
  • Environment

    • Reduced the cost of Tomb Entrance from 7 to 5.
    • Reduced cost of Watchtower from 3 to 2.
    • Increased resource dropped from coin purse from 2 to 5 (it’s still random 1-5).
    • Decreased health of Tomb Wall from 10 to 7.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where an AI would infinitely try to build a tower when it couldn’t.
  • Fixed issues with skirmish report division by zero.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to claim Crystal when fatigued.
  • Fixed a problem with the portal ability not teleporting the unit.
  • Fixed a bug where some spell units would show as objects instead of particle systems.
  • Synchronized respawning inactive units so that they get respawned after deaths are processed.
  • Masterian Optics now properly increases Line of Sight by 2.
  • Fixed resource spent calculation.
  • Draft confirm window now only shows if you already have a draft deck.
  • Fixed a bug with effect instantiation on abilities.
  • Fixed bugs where market button wouldn’t update correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with showing units that are particle systems.
  • Fixed effect instantiation.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed an invisible unit’s health bar.
  • Fixed a bug with instantiating null terrains.
  • Fixed a bug with activating abilities where the game would synchronize events improperly and would cause the game to break.
  • Fixed visual problems with overdraw damage.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes playing a spell that conditions units would cause the spell caster’s Command Post to get conditioned instead of the spell targets.


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CrysCo Update Notes – February 13, 2018

2/13/2018 – February 13th Update Notes

Game Changes:

  • Fatigued units can no longer build towers.
  • Fatigued units can no longer activate abilities.
  • Trap units can now only be placed adjacent to friendly creatures.
  • Added a new boon called Zeal, which negates Fatigue.

Skirmish Report:

  • The skirmish report now gives a grade (E-S) for each score category.
  • A few sound effects have been added to the skirmish report.


  • Auto-pan speed of camera has been increased
  • Rise/lower speed of the hand containers have been increased.
  • Battle notes now glow red or green depending on if the event happened to an enemy or a friendly character.
  • Triggered technique icons in the unit panel now display a number representing the intensity of the technique (e.g. generating resource techniques will show a 2 if it generates two resource).
  • Added color variations for some characters that use the same model.
  • Highlighted ranges have been updated to show invalid spots and are now outlined.
  • Enemy healthbars are now red and environmental AI healthbars are now yellow.
  • Several jarring visual and audio effects have been simplified.
  • Windows are now properly hidden at the beginning of a skirmish.
  • Prior to starting a skirmish, a horn sound is now played.

New Hotkeys:

  • Some targets now are able to rotate in place by hitting the Alt  key.
  • Hitting the Ctrl key will now display the healthbars of all characters in view.
  • Hitting M will now open the market (iff the market is available).

Card Changes:

  • Honey Bee can now only use its Pollinate ability to target plants.
  • Balanced the cost of Primal Rally to cost more Nature and less Crystal.
  • Gave Zeal to units that have 1-turn Ephemeral.
  • Boskstrider’s heal ability now costs one Nature.
  • Resistance Bushwhacker’s Regenerate ability now restores health instead of increased max health.
  • Reduced the range and attack of Saen Sure Shot’s Long Shot ability from 6 to 5 and  from 4 to 3 respectively.
  • Increased the health threshold for second evolution units’ Evolve ability from 5 to 10.
  • Reduced the range of Ruby Atoll Dancer’s Refresh technique from 4 to 3.
  • Faithful techniques now have a 1-turn cooldown.
  • Soldier Reinforcements are now spawned in a tri-formation.
  • Pirates spawned from Ambush Trap now have Zeal.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a memory leak that caused crashes late in the game.
  • Fixed a networking issue where clients would disconnect with FPS drops.
  • Fixed a unit placement issue where certain units could be placed around the center of a map even if the locations weren’t technically valid.
  • Fixed a quality settings issue that made the lighting and visual effects look terrible.
  • Fixed some animations that incorrectly looped.
  • Fixed an issue with display settings that caused the resolution to change while starting a skirmish.
  • Fixed the condition highlighter so that it only takes into account conditions that a unit doesn’t inherently have.
  • Removed hundreds of instantiated objects that are no longer used.
  • Fixed a bug where the deck status panel would flash on opponent’s turn.
  • Fixed a bug where fatigued units could claim things.
  • Fixed a position variable calculation for effects.
  • Fixed a bug where hex markers would clear when placing a unit.
  • Fixed several issues with crashing at the end of a skirmish.
  • Fixed the Bankers investment so that the market can be accessed and used properly.
  • Fixed a bug where armor decreased instead of increased on receiving armor.
  • Fixed a bug where units spawned from a spell would update their line of sight prematurely.
  • Fixed the Masterian Optics investment to give the proper +2 line of sight.
  • Fixed a bug where units would spawn prematurely in some instances.
  • Fixed a bug with respawning AI where the unit would not spawn on the client.


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January: A Journey of 1,000 miles…

Over the past month, a lot of minor tweaks and incremental upgrades added up to proverbial leaps and bounds in terms of improvement to CrysCo alpha.

Grab a free alpha Steam key from our Discord channel, and while you’re there, let us know what you think!

New Models on the Way

Much of what we accomplished this month can be perused in more detail over in the update notes. (We weren’t sure you’d want to read about the awesome networking upgrades Brad made, but you can if you want!)

However, we are nearing completion of some new models! Here is a preview:

3D models of a new Wealth character
By the talented Océane Bidou,
Another nearly complete Wealth character modeled in 3D
By the talented Océane Bidou,

Gameplay Changes

We made a few major changes to rules inside of skirmishes this month, including:

  • Units now enter that battlefield with a condition called “Fatigue.” Units with fatigue cannot attack or move. Fatigue will last for one turn. “Zeal” is a mechanic that exempts units from the fatigue condition (like “haste” in MTG). We did this to ensure that first turns would not favor decks with large move ranges over others.
  • Blockers now only attack back if they have health greater than zero after the initial attacker damage. Attacks no longer occur simultaneously (all attackers now essentially have what we called “agile” before, whereas “agile” now has more niche use-cases). This makes combat more intuitive visually and adds more depth to combat interactions.
  • Tweaks to line-of-sight and crystal cost have been made to many cards. Investments require increased crystal expenditure and with smaller maps, these changes help to balance the in-skirmish economy.

Quality of Life

Brad made loads of QoL updates this month. Here are a few highlights, but these are best experienced by playing the alpha version for yourself!

  • Hovering over a unit will now display its current movement range.
  • Some hex highlights have been updated to be less jarring.
  • The status menu showing number of cards in hand, graveyard, population, and cards left now glow when any of the numbers of updated.
  • Population and hand size now turn red if they are at max capacity.
  • Dedicated market and investment window buttons have been added over the deck/population status panel.

New Hotkeys and Settings

Last but not least, we made some additions to make the game more customizable (fyi: the settings window is now reachable no matter where you are in the game! So, customize away!) to each player’s preference / setup. These include:

  • Page Down/Up now zooms the camera in/out.
  • Numpad +/- now zooms the camera in/out.
  • The option to enable/disable tutorial was added to the settings window.
  • The option to auto-confirm movement was added to the settings window.


Since this month’s update is so text-heavy, here are some videos that highlight some basic aspects of the game–we hope to make more soon (in the form of easy-to-post GIFs) to reflect the most current look of the game.

On the Horizon

That’s all for this month, folks. We look forward to wowing you next month as Brad tackles a major revamp of a core feature that hasn’t been seen in CrysCo for about a year 😉 Stay tuned, and don’t forget to take the alpha for a test-drive!

CrysCo Update Notes – January 31, 2018

1/31/2018 – January 31st Update Notes

Backend Updates:

  • Networking code has been greatly improved and simplified.
  • Most of the back-end game framework has been restructured to improve performance, decrease bugs, and reconcile a variety of confusing components.

Start Screen

  • The start screen has been restructured to simplify the flow of starting a game or drafting a deck.
  • Skirmish settings have been updated to make better use of space.

Skirmish Report

  • The end-of-skirmish reporting window has been updated with a new layout and four different scores: economy, military, conquer, and technology.
    • Economy is based on resource generation, cards acquired, and resource spending efficiency.
    • Military is based on army size, kills, and combat efficiency.
    • Conquer is based on the number of objects claimed, towers built, and conquer points scored.
    • Technology is based on the number of investments purchased as well as the tier of each investment purchased. That is, higher-tiered investments increase the score more than lower-tiered investments.

Game Changes:

  • Combat has been changed so that blockers now only attack back if they have health greater than zero after the initial attacker damage.
  • An attacker will now always attack first, unless a blocker has Agility and the attacker does not. In that case, the roles are reversed, and the blocker will attack first.
  • Units now enter that battlefield with a condition called “Fatigue.” Units with fatigue cannot attack or move. Fatigue will last for one turn.
  • Many card costs have been updated to cost mainly their native resource, since the pink Crystal resource is now more for upgrades and building towers.
  • Many card movement and line of sight has been reduced. This was due to the reduced map size and introduction of investments.


  • Cards in the deck view now stack nicely and show now the number of cards that are stacked using an “x” and the number stacked.
  • Cards in the deck view now are automatically ordered by total cost.
  • Animations are now a bit smoother and combat should look more natural.
  • Updated rarity banners and fixed various spacing issues on card design.
  • The status menu showing number of cards in hand, graveyard, population, and cards left now glow when any of the numbers of updated.
  • Population and hand size now turn red if they are at max capacity.
  • Unit modifiers now show a number on the icon representing the amount of the given modifier. That is, if a unit as +5 armor, the armor icon will include a 5 on the modifier icon.
  • Dedicated market and investment window buttons have been added over the deck/population status panel.
  • When placing a unit, cards in hand shift down so that they don’t take up unnecessary space on the screen.
  • Added simple sound effects for many UI elements.
  • Hovering over a unit will now display its current movement range.
  • Some hex highlights have been updated to be less jarring.


  • Added option to enable/disable tutorial has been added to settings window.
  • Added option to auto-confirm movement has been added to settings window.

New Hotkeys

  • Page Down/Up now zoom in/out the camera.
  • Numpad +/- now zoom in/out the camera.

Bug Fixes:

  • X and Z zooming now work as intended.
  • Environmental AI now stay within their respective zones.
  • Fixed several small issues with resolution settings and aspect ratios.
  • Fixed issues with actions not properly calling back after completion, which caused stalls in gameplay.
  • Fixed some issues with colliders being too big, which would cause issues with selecting units.
  • Fixed fonts on various windows that did not comply with style guide.


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