CrysCo Update Notes – February 27, 2019

2/27/2019 – February 27th Update Notes

Over the past few weeks we’ve focused on simplifying overcomplicated gameplay mechanics, adding in new camera controls, and polishing many of the major user interactions.

Alpha Program

If you haven’t already joined the official Crystal Companies Discord server, and want a free Steam key, today is the last day that the !key command will work. With only a few weeks left before we kick off our Kickstarter campaign, we will be transitioning into a new phase for Crystal Companies and the Boreal Games team. Thank you to all that have participated in this testing program!

Conquer Victory

We changed the way conquer points are achieved and lost. Previously, conquer points were permanent, and if you achieved four conquer points you would automatically win. In most cases where a player would go for the conquer victory, there didn’t tend to be much map conquering going on. A player would typically find a conquer point generator and then turtle up there until the skirmish was won.

To promote exploration and urgency to conquer the battlefield, we have changed how conquer points are won and lost. Now, upon building a structure at a buildsite, you will be awarded one conquer point. If your built structure is destroyed, you will lose one conquer point. If a player controls all build sites on the map for a full turn, they win by conquer.

Camera Controls

  • The camera can now be rotated 360 degrees on the yaw axis and between 40 to 80 degrees on the pitch axis.
  • The camera is now part of a cinematic control system where cameras can seamlessly transition from one to another.
  • Camera rotation can now be reset by hitting the ‘C’ key.

Card Updates

  • Increased condition duration of Woodfolk Harrower‘s Harmonize trigger from 2 to 3 turns.
  • Fixed Zligen Mega Coil‘s and Deeproot Lifetree‘s abilities so that the targeting on them works correctly.
  • Fixed Direvine‘s Territorial trigger to deal damage instead of heal.
  • Changed Restored Menhir to no longer generate conquer points.
  • Fixed an issue on Gunpowder Keg where it could not be interacted with to activate its Explode ability.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed several lingering issues related to the resource simplification update, including deck analytics, power ranking, and ability text parsing.
  • Fixed bugs relating to accepting and undoing movement.
  • Fixed connectivity issues relating to sending certain message improperly, which caused weaker connections to disconnect.
  • Fixed issue with the enlarged and entranced conditions not updating attributes on client.

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2019: Ramping Up for Kickstarter

Traist, Prince of Hochraun, leads his forces through a canyon in ambush.

Welcome to the first “monthly” update of the New Year! The first big announcement of the year: April 9, 2019, is the date we have chosen to launch our Kickstarter campaign. 🤘

Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to over the past month (and a couple weeks…).

Procedural Environment v2

The “random” battlefield generation that debuted awhile back immediately improved the way Crystal Companies is played. In the past few weeks, however, battlefields have only gotten more dynamic and “flavorful.” Not only is our lead dev a savvy coder, he also brings an interest/knowledge in eco-regions/biomes/geomorphology, which help to inform the procedures used to generate battlefields that look and feel “right.” Day/night cycles, weather, and more refined terrain generation are some of the big areas that were introduced this month.

Environment 2.1

Since we drafted this post, we started to tweak aspects of how environments are generated—and folks noticed! Here are some of the highlights from the past week.

Thanks for the retweet Unity!
Thanks for the feature 80 LEVEL!

Getting in the Spirit: New Promo Art

Marta Nael’s latest commission for Boreal Games and Crystal Companies pictures the blue captain, Traist, Prince of Hochraun, responding to a unseen foe (a Roc? an ambush?) while patrolling the interior of a canyon with his royal guard.

Gameplay Experience Back on Track

In addition to having way too much fun improving the ways environments are generated, we also have streamlined gameplay and user experience in myriad ways, including a simplification of the resource system! Now only notes and crystal gathered from the environment factor into card costs.

That’s all for now. Stick around our social accounts for the next month or two—it should be a pretty active time!

If you haven’t already, follow us on Twitter, join our Discord server, and or like our Facebook page <3

CrysCo Update Notes – February 2, 2019

2/2/2019 – February 2nd Update Notes

As we continue to prepare a Kickstarter campaign for Crystal Companies (mid March), we have worked to simplify confusing game mechanics, enhanced battlefield aesthetics, and added in cool new character models.

Resource Simplification

  • We reduced the number of types of resources from five to two in order to simplify CC’s resource system and to allow more creativity in deck building.
  • Imperial Notes are generated by support operations, cards, and other generators built on the battlefield. Notes are the more general resource that most cards cost.
  • Crystal is much rarer than notes and typically only attained by collecting it from crystal formations. More powerful cards typically cost crystal and notes.
  • By simplifying the number of resources, we have effectively removed the restrictions from resource factions. We are focusing more on building synergies through card effects instead of restricting pigeonholing players into using cards that cost a particular resource type.
  • What previously would give/cost 1 “faction” resource now gives/costs 25 Imperial Notes.

Support Operations

Each faction-specific support operation now generates Imperial Notes instead of its now deprecated faction resource. In order to make each support operation align with a faction, their upgrade forms now have an ability that synergizes with its corresponding faction.

  • Zligen Mega-Coil now has an activated ability that deals 2 damage to an enemy in range.
  • Deeproot Lifetree now gives +2 health to each adjacent ally at the beginning of your turn.
  • Hochraun Garrison now has an activated ability to spawn a Hochraun Soldier.
  • Drake Isle Apothecary now has an activated ability to purchase a potion for 25 notes.

Map Generation

  • A battlefield’s biome now informs many aspects of map generation including the land formations, water bodies, flora, fauna, and lighting.
  • Weather now is generated based on current temperature, biome, and wind intensity.
  • Fixed many issues with pathfinding so that paths to each economical area are balanced for both players.

Alomian Character Models

  • Each Alomian, Drake Isle, Helmscross, Fleetfire, and Outlander character now has a custom 3D model.

Card Updates

  • Added Zligen Dynamo: 4 attack 3 health 5 movement construct with Zeal, Ephemeral, and a Transmute trigger to increase ephemeral.
  • Changed the unit spawned by Calpytra’s Transmute trigger from a Zligen Construct to a Zligen Dynamo.
  • Reduced range of Kokumo’s Bladegale ability from 3 to 1. Reduced max damage dealt from 4 to 3.
  • Updated Helmscross Brawler so that he is dealt 1 damage on combat damage and is given 1 stack of vulnerability.
  • Decreased the range of Ryden’s Deploy Static Field Generator ability from 3 to 2.
  • Removed damage effect Static Field Generator‘s on its trap trigger. Removed condition from its death trigger explosion.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed many issues with adding and removing conditions/attributes.
  • Fixed issues with certain abilities not changing the correct attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial would not save progress properly and thus not allow players to move past the first scenario.
  • Added support for ultra-wide aspect ratios.

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CrysCo Update Notes – January 15, 2019

1/15/2019 – January 15th Update Notes

We are currently in the middle of several projects, so this month’s update is largely a preview of things coming soon. We are working on preparing a Kickstarter campaign for mid-March, implementing a reward system and economy, and making significant improvements to the map generation system.

Game Changes

  • The shallows terrain effect no longer has an increased movement cost.
  • Added a new terrain type called road, which has default movement cost regardless of change in elevation.

Economy Backend

  • We added a new section of the start screen where items can be viewed and opened. This is primarily for testing purposes, since we are still developing how exactly we are implementing the economy, but we plan on connecting rewards/inventory very soon.
  • What you can expect is that you will be rewarded for playing Crystal Companies and that every item will be achievable through playing.
  • The items that will be achievable in the earliest release are the following:
    • Imperial Contract Pack: a pack of cards.
    • Imperial Notes: the general currency of Crystal Companies.

Map Generation Backend

  • We’ve been working on expanding the map generation system in order to 1) better connect players to CrysCo’s lore and world, and 2) to create fun maps to battle on.
  • Most of the updates to the map generation system deal with translating and modifying real-world systems so that the battlefields emulate, at least in part, real life but also reflect CrysCo’s unique and fantastical world.
  • Eco-regions, biomes,  geology, climate, geomorphology, and many more are components that we have been researching and translating.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Increased Quinnlus‘ health from 5 to 6. Changed card type to structure and gave him the Siege sub-card type. Replaced his Transmute trigger effect (+1 attack/health) with cooldown all abilities by 1 turn. Increased the cooldown of his two activated abilities from 1 to 3.
  • Increased Zligen Sprite‘s Ephemeral duration from 1 to 2 turns.

Nature (Green)

  • Increased the condition duration of Growth Potion from 1 to 3 turns.
  • Increased the condition duration of Groven Piper‘s  Tranquil Melody ability from 1 to 2.
  • Changed Grove Sentry‘s Harmonize effect to give +health instead of +movement.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Increased the max damage of Drake Isle Mutineer‘s Chuck Cherry Bomb ability from 1 to 2. Damage now ignores elevation.
  • Removed Zeal from Alomian Brigand and Alomian Outlaw.
  • Changed Brimstone Mortar so that when it attacks it AOE burns around the target attacked position.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Added a fast-forward icon to the dialogue manager so that players are aware that they can skip teletyping.
  • Created a simple user reporting window for users to send bug reports through unity cloud.
  • Upgraded Unity to 2018.3.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where conditions would be cleansed/compounded on the AI GAIA player turn.
  • Fixed condition duration count on several condition effects.
  • Fixed issues with particle systems not removing correctly.
  • Fixed issues with attacking where rotations weren’t calculated correctly.
  • Fixed issues with moving/undoing movement syncing with server.

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End-of-Year Update: Bearing Gifts and Promises of Things to Come

A work-in-progress view of new models.

First off, loads of card and game changes were made over the last month. Check out Bradley’s update notes here.

Now for some more specific news and and an overview of the rear view, i.e. what we did this month and what 2018 brought in general for Crystal Companies‘ development.

Loading and Skirmish Preview Screens

It’s all new, and is a nice combination of form and function if I do say so myself.

New Models, A Long Time Coming

We mentioned these models for the first time several updates back. But they are finally finished and will be making their way into the game shortly! Big thanks to Océane Bidou for the great work. They will replace a large swath of wealth/yellow-type models. Here’s a small selection of what you can expect to see:

Quality-of-Life Things

Normally I’d either summarize or point you just to the technical update for these types of changes. But I want to highlight the extensive fixes/improvements Bradley made to the game this month, because each one makes a noticeable difference (while not necessarily jumping out at you when playing CrysCo–as it should be). Here’s the whole list:

  • Added tooltips for many pieces of the UI that explain functionality.
  • Simplified the hex info panel with name of terrain and elevation.
  • Added card movement sounds.
  • Updated the help and settings panel to align with current UI style.
  • Updated the tooltip to align with current UI style.
  • Redesigned the skirmish preview screen to show the battlefield being created (see above!).
  • Updated the radial menu to align with current UI style.
  • Added functionality to view card collection without loading a deck.
  • Polished map generation for creating fairer map areas.
  • Tweaked parts of the skirmish report so that player scores better reflect battle performance.
  • Corrected issues with gamma on images.
  • Fixed many performance issues with fog of war, deck editing, card movement, hex highlighting, and battlefield loading.
  • Fixed many grammatical errors with the ability text parser.

Whew! That’s a lot and, tbh, it makes me want to go play CrysCo now. Speaking of which, you can do so by joining our Discord server. Type !key when you get there, and Isa will bestow upon you a FREE Steam key that provides access to our current alpha version (which currently enables you to play with any card in the game!).

On the Horizon

2018 brought a slew of big improvements and a lot of teamwork–both within Boreal Games and between us and our talented artist contractors. Not only did the overall look of the game change drastically for the better, the way levels are built (through procedural generation) and the way players interact with that environment (updates to AI, card abilities, upgrades, and so on) all moved forward by leaps and bounds. As we move toward 2019, we are feeling #blessed. And though we still have a lot to accomplish–and challenges to overcome, to be sure–we are feeling thankful for the journey thus far.

In the next few months we will be focusing on community development and continuing to polish CrysCo. Your support has never meant more to us, by the way! This will entail adding a tad more art, playtesting, and promoting CrysCo across various channels.

Our big goal for the first part of the new year is to be ready by February to run our long-anticipated Kickstarter campaign. We will announce loud and clear as soon as we have hard details to share. In the meantime, if you have any bright ideas about how we can reach our audience (you) better, please let us know!

Finally, please follow our development on Twitter (, join our Discord (, and of course check out our weekly dev streams on Twitch ( and YouTube (

Thanks for reading–see you next year (get it?).

CrysCo Update Notes – December 13, 2018

12/13/2018 – December 13th Update Notes

This past month we focused mainly on polishing user experience and tackling performance issues. We also added in deck analytics and updated lots of cards.

Game Changes

  • Conditions now compound and refresh at the beginning of each turn. That is, a condition that lasts 2 turns will last from the current turn through the next turn. If that condition were a damage-dealing condition (e.g. burn), the conditioned unit would be dealt damage twice, once each turn.

Deck Analytics

  • Added analytics to the deck view display that show the following:
    • Cost distribution
    • Faction distribution
    • Card type distribution
    • Average card cost
    • Average card raw power
    • Overall power rank of deck
  • The deck analytics can be accessed in the deck edit view under the name of the deck.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Reduced Zligen Turbine‘s attack from 2 to 1 and gave it a minimum attack range.
  • Changed Supply Balloon’Supply Drop ability to target one structure instead of all structures in range.
  • Removed Dim Lightning Construct.
  • Changed the unit spawned by Imperial Invoker from a Dim Lightning Construct to a Zligen Sprite. Reduced intensity of its Transmute from 3 to 2.
  • Reduced Artillery Turret‘s LOS from 6 to 5.
  • Increased health of Zligen Construct from 3 to 4.
  • Reduced the cost of Staticize from 3I to 2I.
  • Reduced health of Calpytra from 5 to 4. Reduced cost from 4C6I to 3C4I
  • Reduced attack and health of Prodip from 5 to 4 and from 7 to 5 respectively. Reduced cost from 3C8I to 2C5I. Reduced intensity of its Transmute from 2 to 1 but added increased attack range as a boon that’s given.
  • Gave Quinnlus a 2 turn condition duration on his Transmute.
  • Reduced attack of Zligen Sprite from 4 to 3 and removed its protected attribute.
  • Changed Imperial Mason‘s Barricade ability to spawn 2 Palisade walls instead of 1 Barricade wall.
  • Increased the condition duration of Imperial Messenger‘s Transmute ability from 1 to 2.
  • Changed Imperial Warder‘s Conjure Magic Wall ability to spawn 1 Magic Wall instead of two Dim Magic Walls.
  • Added an uncollectible structure card called Static Field Generator that stuns everything in range as a trap and explodes on death to stun and deal 1 damage.
  • Changed Corporal Ryden:
    • Removed Stun Blade.
    • Added an activated ability to spawn 2 Static Field Generators.
    • Removed Dominion trigger.
  • Changed name of Energy Mine to Zligen Charge. Changed its trap ability to an activated ability.

Nature (Green)

  • Added uncollectible structure/plant card called Maneater Flower:
    • 5 attack, 7 health, 0 movement, 3 LOS.
    • Deals 3 damage to one random enemy as it morphs.
    • When it’s dealt damage, knock back all adjacent enemy creatures.
  • Added Maneater Trap:
    • Has a trap trigger that morphs itself into a Maneater Flower
  • Direvine and Sanctuary Bower are now spawned from spells.
  • Changed Direvine to be invisible.
  • Gave Ironroot 1 armor.
  • Changed Dekiri Flower to Shoot Seed on trap and has a 1-attack attack move. Removed poison on Territorial and added invisibility.
  • Gave Resistance Tunneler Zeal and decreased its Burrow range from 3 to 2.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Reduced Ascendant Seraph’s ephemeral duration from 2 to 1
  • Reduced the movement/los of Seplaem Corpusant from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced the health of Hochraun Page from 2 to 1
  • Reduced the health of Hochraun Phalanx from 4 to 3
  • Reduced the condition duration of Old North Bowman’s Inspired ability from 2 to 1
  • Reduced the condition duration of Old North Rider‘s Inspired trigger from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced the intensity of Zeal from 3 to 2.
  • Changed name of Soldier to Hochraun Soldier.
  • Increased attack of Hochraun Squire from 1 to 2.
  • Reduced cost of Cataclysm from 7S4C to 5S3C.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Changed Windsteppe Assailant’s Enter the Fray to a reactive Blade Momentum trigger.
  • Reduced the cost of Ruby Atoll Dancer from 1C3W to 1C2W and the cost of its Refresh ability from 2W to 1W
  • Gave Windsteppe Elite‘s Blade Momentum trigger +movement in addition to multistrike.
  • Changed Reload to target creatures only.
  • Changed Gunpowder Charge:
    • Renamed to Gunpowder Keg.
    • No longer a trap but a visible structure.
    • Added an interact ability to explode.
    • Removed its trap ability.
    • Now can be placed anywhere in line of sight.


  • Reduced Frontier Rockslinger‘s attack from 4 to 3, attack range from 4 to 3, health from 10 to 6, and los from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced Frontier Fortress’ attack from 5 to 4, attack range from 5 to 4, health from 12 to 8, and los from 5 to 4.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Added tooltips for many pieces of the UI that explain functionality.
  • Simplified the hex info panel with name of terrain and elevation.
  • Added card movement sounds.
  • Updated the help and settings panel to align with current UI style.
  • Updated the tooltip to align with current UI style.
  • Redesigned the skirmish preview screen to show the battlefield being created.
  • Updated the radial menu to align with current UI style.
  • Added functionality to view card collection without loading a deck.
  • Polished map generation for creating fairer map areas.
  • Tweaked parts of the skirmish report so that player scores better reflect battle performance.
  • Fixed issues with gamma on images.
  • Fixed many performance issues with fog of war, deck editing, card movement, hex highlighting, and battlefield loading.
  • Fixed many grammatical errors with the ability text parser.

Winter Begins, Work Continues

Winter is coming / here, and we are hunkering down, keeping warm next to our PC towers and basking in the white monitor glow while the snow falls outside. As nice as that sounds, it also means we are still cranking out updates to Crystal Companies. Community building and onboarding are of chief concern these days, as well as general improvements to UI and card mechanics across the board. Read below for the past month’s highlights.


The most substantial change to CrysCo’s alpha version (get your free Steam key from our Discord channel!) is the new tutorial. Ahead of applying to various gaming conventions, Bradley went all out to make sure that new players would be able to get acclimated in an engaging way.

On a similar note, the main menu received a few tweaks that make it cleaner and easier to navigate.

Environment Changes

The environments keep getting better and better looking (which is appreciably harder to do each time). Here are a few screenshots that show (better than I can tell) what I am talking about. (Of course, these are only a couple of virtually limitless cool battlefield views you can expect to see!)


We are steadily ticking items off the long list of minor fixes that need to be made to move us closer to a flawlessly streamlined UX (we can dream). One of the most noticeable changes has not been implemented yet–a new card design–but here is a sneak peek.

Game Changes

Don’t get caught by surprise like I was in the middle of a skirmish–read  Bradley’s update notes post.  Some of my favorite changes occurred in Intellect, with the addition of a new turret and balances that favor structure strategies.

On The Horizon

In the next month, aside from some much-needed holiday-related distractions, we will be continuing to chip away at our desire for a UX/UI masterpiece while attempting to find new players, improve playability, and fight through the dark winter days. Also, look forward to new art as we approach our expected Kickstarter launch date! (Which we hope will be sometime in the early spring of next year!)

As always, head over to our Twitter and/or Discord server to receive the latest updates.

CrysCo Update Notes – November 10, 2018

11/10/2018 – November 10th Update Notes

In this update we developed a story-driven tutorial, worked to better focus each faction, and grind out various visual and gameplay issues.


  • A four-part, story driven tutorial has been implemented in order to acquaint new players with the mechanics and controls of Crystal Companies.
    • The tutorial is not enabled by default, so if you’d like to play through it, you can select “Replay Tutorial” in the settings menu (gear icon, top left of screen).
  • A brief overview has been added to the main menu scene so that new players better navigate through creating/editing decks, starting a skirmish, and changing settings.

Game Changes

  • Changed upgrade cost from 2 Faction/1 Crystal to 2 Crystal/1 Faction.
  • Changed units with Waterbound to not be affected by the cost of Shallows.
  • Increased the maximum amount of common cards in the deck from 4 to 5.
  • Now when reversing an Enlarged condition, a unit’s health will be reduced until it reaches its base max health. If its health is already at or below the base max health, it will not lose any health.

Battlefield Changes

  • Changed name of Smoke Lake to Silver Tarn. Added small elevation on either side of the lake.
  • Changed Tawny Mesa so that it a Roc/Menhir combination doesn’t always exist.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Reduced the range of QuinnlusChain-Grab ability from 4 to 3 spaces.
  • Changed Imperial Artificer’Forge Blueprint to no longer clone a structure but instead draw a copy of a structure’s card. Added a Dominion (i.e. when a structure enters battlefield) trigger to gain 2 Intellect.
  • Added Zligen Turbine: uncommon structure card that has a ranged attack and Transmute (i.e. whenever a spell is cast) trigger to push all enemy creatures within 3 spaces, back 3 spaces.
  • Replaced Imperial Warder’Guard ability with Force Push, which pushes two enemies away from it.
  • Reduced the cost of Link Lightning from 4I to 2I1C.
  • Reduced the cost of Revivify from 4I to 3I.
  • Gave Countervail Turret an attack ability and increased its attack from 0 to 1. Increased the chilling amount on its Chilling Missiles trigger from 1 to 2.
  • Reduced the cost of High Command Turret from 6I2C to 5I2C.
  • Increased the cost of Zligen Carbine from 2I to 3I. Increased its health from 2 to 5. Increased its attack range from 2 to 3. Added +LOS on its Transmute trigger.
  • Decreased Imperial Reaver‘s attack from 5 to 3, increased its health from 2 to 4, and gave it Builder.

Nature (Green)

  • Changed Woodfolk Harrower‘s ability to now Harvest a plant to spawn a Dryad of the Grove.
  • Changed name of Forestal Axeman‘s attack ability from Cast to Throw Axe.
  • Changed the first evolution creatures so that their Harvest ability gives +3 health instead of +2 health.
  • Reduced the attack and health of Woodbairn from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced Starnys Grovekeeper‘s health from 6 to 5 and changed its Hasten Nature to target one unit instead of all units in range.
  • Changed the Harmonize trigger so that a spawned plant needs to be near the ability owner.
  • Gave Soul Seedling Fragile.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Reduced movement of Ryst the White from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced movement of Traist, Prince of Hochraun from 5 to 4 and range of his Rally Forces ability from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced movement range of Menhiran Cleric from 4 to 3. Replaced its Faithful (i.e. when an ally enters the battlefield) trigger with an activated Heal/Cleanse ability.
  • Reduced movement range of Priest of Seals from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced cost of Hochraun Phalanx from 4S to 3S.
  • Renamed Menhiran Hopplite to Old North Skirmisher. Increased its health from 1 to 2, cost from 1S to 2S, and replaced its Zeal with Pierce.
  • Changed Old North Champion’s Retribution ability to only copy damage back to source if damage is dealt in combat.
  • Reduced Ascendant Seraph‘s attack from 4 to 3, movement and los from 5 to 4, removed its Armored ability, and renamed Enkindle to Radiance: +1 attack, movement, and health until end of turn to all allies within 2 spaces.
  • Changed Close Ranks to give +2 armor instead of overshield.
  • Reduced cost of Harken from 5S4C to 5S3C.
  • Reduced cost of Cataclysm from 7S4C to 5S3C.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Reduced cost of Set Ambush Trap from 1C4W to 1C3W.
  • Reduced the range and damage of Drake Isle Mutineer‘s Chuck Petard ability. Renamed it to Chuck Cherry Bomb.
  • Decreased attack of Kokumo from 6 to 5 and cost from 6W3C to 4W3C. Replaced her Pierce with Agility.


  • Changed name of Crystal Anima to Taru Anima.
  • Reduced health of Terrorizing Roc from 10 to 8 and removed its Armored ability.
  • Reduced attack of Contract Thief from 2 to 1.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed spawn abilities to allow spawning a unit at a position so long as that unit can move onto that position.
  • Fixed issues with spawning units at target locations where targets would be considered improperly invalid.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI  player would have a spell but not be able to cast it, and infinitely try to cast the spell.
  • Fixed an issue with leap to enemy ability where it would sometimes jump to a harmful position.
  • Fixed issues with spawning cards where the card id wasn’t found.
  • Added many new character models and ability visual and audio effects.
  • Fixed a visual bug where you could open the detail view even if there was no selected object -updated end game notification to have a backdrop.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering, which resulted in a significant increase in FPS.


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CrysCo Update Notes – October 4, 2018

10/4/2018 – October 4th Update Notes

In this update we focused on streamlining starting a skirmish, enriching the starting scene, and refining the Nature faction.

Game Changes

  • Upgrading a unit now costs an additional faction resource.
  • Reworked the starting scene to be a 3D environment. There are three clickable zones that take you to the battle settings, deck editor, and shop. The battle settings have been updated to be more accessible and better display the battlefields available.


  • Added a new map called Taru Quarry: cross-shaped basin map with crystal in the middle.

Card Updates

Crystal (Pink)

  • Added a minimum range to Guard Tower‘s Auto-shot ability.

Intellect (Orange)

  • Increased move range of Supply Balloon from 3 to 4.

Nature (Green)

  • Removed the condition duration of Amorphia‘s Arborealize trigger so that it is indefinite.
  • Replaced the Immobile attributes on the egg cards with Incapable: cannot move nor interact.
  • Changed Seed Turret to Dekiri Flower. Replaced its triggered Shoot Seed ability to an activated ability. Added Territorial  trigger that poisons creatures.
  • Increased cost of Tanys, Forestal Emissary from 2C2N to 2C3N. Removed his Conjure Wall of Vines ability and Synthesize ability. Added a new activated ability called Flora-shift: leap to ally plant.
  • Replaced Dryad of the Grove‘s Harmonize ability with Zeal.
  • Reduced the attack of Forestal Axeman from 3 to 2. Gave him Native, and increased Structure Razer from 2 to 3.
  • Replaced Grove Sentry‘s Harmonize effect (spawn Dryad of the Grove) to bestowing himself +1 movement and line of sight until the end of turn.
  • Decreased Resistance Lookout‘s attack from 3 to 2, increased his movement/LOS from 4 to 5, and gave him Immune.
  • Changed Starnys Grovekeeper to have Protection, spawn 6 Vetchlings on enter, give +10 health to one creature/plant until end of turn, and morph a plant into a Woodbairn.
  • Increased cost of Forest-floor Gardener from 2N to 3N and removed the cooldown on its Harmonize trigger.
  • Gave Megasloth Trample.
  • Increased the health of Resistance Bushwhacker from 3 to 4.
  • Increased the health of Woodfolk Keeper from 4 to 5 and its cost from 5N to 6N.
  • Gave Wall of Vines a trigger on enter battlefield to constrict all adjacent enemies for one turn.
  • Replaced Deeproot Druid‘s Vinebind ability with Conjure Vines: activated ability that spawns 1 Wall of Vines.
  • Reduced the range of Sea Canopy Skyhunter’s Territorial from 4 to 3.
  • Replaced Woodfolk Harrower‘s Synthesize effect to spawn a Dryad of the Grove instead of draw Vetchling cards.
  • Changed the effect of Sylg Leaf Tonic to give Invisibility instead of +health.
  • Removed Zeal from Resistance Tunneler and increased the damage dealt from Emerge from 1 to 2.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Helmscross Brawler no longer deals damage to itself on combat damage.
  • Changed Drake Isle Headhunter so that it gains wealth when it kills a creature.
  • Reduced the cost of Drake Isle Madcap from 2W to 1W.
  • Changed cost of Windsteppe Assailant from 2W to 1W1C.
  • Changed the trigger of Drake Isle Marauder‘s Bounty ability to when it kills a creature instead of kills anything.


  • Reduced attack of Wild Fox from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced attack of Wild Stag from 3 to 1. Increased its health from 2 to 3.
  • Replaced Wild Wolf’s Multistrike with bleed on attack.
  • Reduced health of Stone Giant from 15 to 8.
  • Reduced attack of Terrorizing Roc from 3 to 2. Reduced its health from 12 to 10.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed an issue with buildsites not respawning while in upgraded form.
  • Fixed bug where flyers were unable to move over units.
  • Fixed a bug where permanent conditions would not be given.


Join CrysCo’s community Discord to play:

Follow Boreal Games on Twitter:

The Creppy/Spoopy Monthly Update

A picture of the new 3D menu screen

Hello all, and welcome to the October Crystal Companies monthly update. Since our last post, we have implemented a slew of sweet upgrades into the game. If you haven’t yet, join our Discord channel so you can get your very own alpha Steam key! Find the scary-good update details (if I do say so myself) below.

🎃 👻 🍬

Marketplace, Investments, and Main Menu Screen

There have been a few major substantive changes to the user interfaces of the game that also happen to be cosmetically and experientially noticeable as well.

First off, the marketplace and investment windows have been removed, and their functionality (or at least the parts deemed to be relevant) have been rolled into interactions within the environment itself. Now when you claim build sites, you receive certain universal upgrades specific to the structures you build.

Second, the main menu screen received an interesting overhaul–now, instead of a 2D menu, there is a 3D scene that makes navigation more intuitive (we hope!).

An image of Crystal Companies' 3D main menu screen

(Try it out for yourself–get a Steam key here.)

Hand UI

Will made several major upgrades to the hand UI, making it smoother and more functional overall. This short video demonstrates these changes:

New Standard Maps

The cat’s out of the bag: in addition to the procedurally generated “unknown” (random) map feature that was added recently, there are now also a number of new standard maps.

Not only that, but some of these maps include entirely new interactable units like boats, and bears, and boars (oh my!).

On the Horizon

We hope you will be our guests and test out some of the big changes coming to Crystal Companies over the next few months. Lately we’ve added a new stream to our Twitch schedule (, played a bunch of community matches (more to come), and been to some really fun local events (also more to come). As always, check out our Twitter for intermittent updates (and Discord of course). Have a creppy/spoopy month!