CrysCo Update Notes – May 24, 2017

05/24/2017 – May 24th Update Notes

  • Spline Arrows
    • New Bezier spline arrows have been added to better visualize movement, attack, and ability targeting.
  • Tactical Map View
    • Pressing Tab now brings up a tactical view of the map, displaying the entire field in a simpler, concatenated screen.
  • UX
    • Several UI elements have been updated to be more visually compelling and informative.
    • Cards can now be dragged and reordered in hand.
    • 3 cards can now be mulliganed at the beginning of the game.
  • New Loadbalancing Server
    • The CrysCo server has been revamped to be much more efficient with loadbalancing.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Text parsing is cleaner and includes parsing for niche abilities.
    • Ability stacking has been fixed to properly add multiple conditions on one unit.
    • Several issues with AI movement, path-finding, unit refreshing, and repairing towers were fixed.
    • Graphical performance was enhanced while decreasing the size of the client.
    • All techniques were provided the functionality to give multiple conditions or spawn multiple different units. Also, triggered techniques were provided the functionality to trigger on more than one action.
    • Fixed issues with invisible units showing up on the map incorrectly.

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