Hello and welcome to any first-time readers! This is Boreal Games’ monthly update about Crystal Companies, the tactical CCG set for an early 2018 pre-release and Kickstarter. Skip to the end to find out how you can get involved in the development process!

The end of summer brought with it a deluge of improvements as we prepared CrysCo for the Boston Festival of Indie Games–this tweet provides a peek at our behind-the-scenes experience at FIG (minus the last-minute updates to the code and art in our AirBnB the night before…):

Here are the highlights of our efforts through September.

Draft Mode Redesign

The demo drafting screens have seen a complete redesign, which included the integration of some additional features, such as:

– Complete contract data can be viewed through the contract detail view from the draft scene, either while selecting drafted cards or after drafting a deck
– Players can now draft brigades to use in the single player demo, as well as select pre-built brigades to engage in multiplayer skirmishes
– Cool visual flare (which we count as a feature in this case because it was so egregiously non-existent before)

In-game UI Changes

There was also an overhaul of the active contract panel to be more informative and space efficient (sounds boring but makes a huge difference). Specifically, this meant the addition of:
– Dynamic indicators for agility, armor, and movement modifiers, which appear when a unit is affected by those modifiers.
– An action bar separate from the selection window in which battle actions a contract can take are now populated
– Buttons that can be hovered over to displays hex highlights and tooltips
– Action bar buttons for controlled units that have default keybindings from 1-9 for their battle actions

Drag to Play!

You’ve all be asking for it (or at least trying unsuccessfully to do this while play-testing the game)! The biggest, juiciest feature ever implemented in Crystal Companies. You can finally…DRAG TO PLAY CONTRACTS from your hand. Dragged contracts will glow after being dragged up far enough, indicating that when the left mouse button is lifted a contract will be played if you have the required resources.

Bezier Curve Movement

We’ve started to create new forms of character movement that use Bezier curves. Now when a character uses a leap skill, for instance, they move elegantly along a curve to the selected location.

So Many Effects!

One of the main goals this month was to create visual and sound effects for each ability and spell in Crystal Companies. We created hundreds of new particle effects which are now synchronized with game events. So now, for example, when Gunpowder Trap explodes there is an accompanying explosion particle effect and sound!

Spells like Bludgeon looks pretty cool now, too:

Legendary Cards

This month we experimented with a few different legendary characters, partly to see how many ridiculous situations we could create. There is still a bit of fine-tuning to be done on the new legendary cards so that they aren’t OP, but we are thus far pretty happy with how they complement their respective resource factions.

On the Horizon

As anyone who came by our booth at Boston FIG can attest, Crystal Companies is looking and playing better than ever. This is why we are rolling out a more robust demo for you to access, as well as building up our community before the game is officially released several months from now. This month we will be tackling more quality-of-life UI tasks (including elements for navigating new game scenes!) as well as implementing our first single-player campaign mode. And anything else that comes up or we can get done before November is here (yikies, time flies!).

In the meantime, here’s how you can get involved:

  • Join our Discord server (soon we will be adding alpha keys, which you will only be able to access through our Discord channel!)
  • Watch our Twitch stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and other soon-to-be-designated times)
  • Follow us on Twitter for regular updates
  • Download the current demo (if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • Share CrysCo with your friends, and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading! We hope to connect with you in Discord / on Twitch / on Twitter soon 🙂

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