Traist, Prince of Hochraun, leads his forces through a canyon in ambush.

2019: Ramping Up for Kickstarter

Welcome to the first "monthly" update of the New Year! The first big announcement of the year: April 9, 2019, is the date we have chosen to launch our Kickstarter campaign. 🤘 Now, let's take a look at what we've been up to over the past month (and a couple ...
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CrysCo Update Notes – February 2, 2019

2/2/2019 – February 2nd Update Notes As we continue to prepare a Kickstarter campaign for Crystal Companies (mid March), we have worked to simplify confusing game mechanics, enhanced battlefield aesthetics, and added in cool new character models. Resource Simplification We reduced the number of types of resources from five to ...
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CrysCo Update Notes – January 15, 2019

1/15/2019 – January 15th Update Notes We are currently in the middle of several projects, so this month's update is largely a preview of things coming soon. We are working on preparing a Kickstarter campaign for mid-March, implementing a reward system and economy, and making significant improvements to the map ...
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A work-in-progress view of new models.

End-of-Year Update: Bearing Gifts and Promises of Things to Come

First off, loads of card and game changes were made over the last month. Check out Bradley's update notes here. Now for some more specific news and and an overview of the rear view, i.e. what we did this month and what 2018 brought in general for Crystal Companies' development ...
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CrysCo Update Notes – December 13, 2018

12/13/2018 – December 13th Update Notes This past month we focused mainly on polishing user experience and tackling performance issues. We also added in deck analytics and updated lots of cards. Game Changes Conditions now compound and refresh at the beginning of each turn. That is, a condition that lasts ...
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