CrysCo Update Notes – November 10, 2018

11/10/2018 – November 10th Update Notes

In this update we developed a story-driven tutorial, worked to better focus each faction, and grind out various visual and gameplay issues.


  • A four-part, story driven tutorial has been implemented in order to acquaint new players with the mechanics and controls of Crystal Companies.
    • The tutorial is not enabled by default, so if you’d like to play through it, you can select “Replay Tutorial” in the settings menu (gear icon, top left of screen).
  • A brief overview has been added to the main menu scene so that new players better navigate through creating/editing decks, starting a skirmish, and changing settings.

Game Changes

  • Changed upgrade cost from 2 Faction/1 Crystal to 2 Crystal/1 Faction.
  • Changed units with Waterbound to not be affected by the cost of Shallows.
  • Increased the maximum amount of common cards in the deck from 4 to 5.
  • Now when reversing an Enlarged condition, a unit’s health will be reduced until it reaches its base max health. If its health is already at or below the base max health, it will not lose any health.

Battlefield Changes

  • Changed name of Smoke Lake to Silver Tarn. Added small elevation on either side of the lake.
  • Changed Tawny Mesa so that it a Roc/Menhir combination doesn’t always exist.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Reduced the range of QuinnlusChain-Grab ability from 4 to 3 spaces.
  • Changed Imperial Artificer’Forge Blueprint to no longer clone a structure but instead draw a copy of a structure’s card. Added a Dominion (i.e. when a structure enters battlefield) trigger to gain 2 Intellect.
  • Added Zligen Turbine: uncommon structure card that has a ranged attack and Transmute (i.e. whenever a spell is cast) trigger to push all enemy creatures within 3 spaces, back 3 spaces.
  • Replaced Imperial Warder’Guard ability with Force Push, which pushes two enemies away from it.
  • Reduced the cost of Link Lightning from 4I to 2I1C.
  • Reduced the cost of Revivify from 4I to 3I.
  • Gave Countervail Turret an attack ability and increased its attack from 0 to 1. Increased the chilling amount on its Chilling Missiles trigger from 1 to 2.
  • Reduced the cost of High Command Turret from 6I2C to 5I2C.
  • Increased the cost of Zligen Carbine from 2I to 3I. Increased its health from 2 to 5. Increased its attack range from 2 to 3. Added +LOS on its Transmute trigger.
  • Decreased Imperial Reaver‘s attack from 5 to 3, increased its health from 2 to 4, and gave it Builder.

Nature (Green)

  • Changed Woodfolk Harrower‘s ability to now Harvest a plant to spawn a Dryad of the Grove.
  • Changed name of Forestal Axeman‘s attack ability from Cast to Throw Axe.
  • Changed the first evolution creatures so that their Harvest ability gives +3 health instead of +2 health.
  • Reduced the attack and health of Woodbairn from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced Starnys Grovekeeper‘s health from 6 to 5 and changed its Hasten Nature to target one unit instead of all units in range.
  • Changed the Harmonize trigger so that a spawned plant needs to be near the ability owner.
  • Gave Soul Seedling Fragile.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Reduced movement of Ryst the White from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced movement of Traist, Prince of Hochraun from 5 to 4 and range of his Rally Forces ability from 5 to 4.
  • Reduced movement range of Menhiran Cleric from 4 to 3. Replaced its Faithful (i.e. when an ally enters the battlefield) trigger with an activated Heal/Cleanse ability.
  • Reduced movement range of Priest of Seals from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced cost of Hochraun Phalanx from 4S to 3S.
  • Renamed Menhiran Hopplite to Old North Skirmisher. Increased its health from 1 to 2, cost from 1S to 2S, and replaced its Zeal with Pierce.
  • Changed Old North Champion’s Retribution ability to only copy damage back to source if damage is dealt in combat.
  • Reduced Ascendant Seraph‘s attack from 4 to 3, movement and los from 5 to 4, removed its Armored ability, and renamed Enkindle to Radiance: +1 attack, movement, and health until end of turn to all allies within 2 spaces.
  • Changed Close Ranks to give +2 armor instead of overshield.
  • Reduced cost of Harken from 5S4C to 5S3C.
  • Reduced cost of Cataclysm from 7S4C to 5S3C.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Reduced cost of Set Ambush Trap from 1C4W to 1C3W.
  • Reduced the range and damage of Drake Isle Mutineer‘s Chuck Petard ability. Renamed it to Chuck Cherry Bomb.
  • Decreased attack of Kokumo from 6 to 5 and cost from 6W3C to 4W3C. Replaced her Pierce with Agility.


  • Changed name of Crystal Anima to Taru Anima.
  • Reduced health of Terrorizing Roc from 10 to 8 and removed its Armored ability.
  • Reduced attack of Contract Thief from 2 to 1.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed spawn abilities to allow spawning a unit at a position so long as that unit can move onto that position.
  • Fixed issues with spawning units at target locations where targets would be considered improperly invalid.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI  player would have a spell but not be able to cast it, and infinitely try to cast the spell.
  • Fixed an issue with leap to enemy ability where it would sometimes jump to a harmful position.
  • Fixed issues with spawning cards where the card id wasn’t found.
  • Added many new character models and ability visual and audio effects.
  • Fixed a visual bug where you could open the detail view even if there was no selected object -updated end game notification to have a backdrop.
  • Fixed an issue with rendering, which resulted in a significant increase in FPS.


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CrysCo Update Notes – August 21, 2018

8/21/2018 – August 21st Update Notes

We’ve continued to expand the procedural generation functionality, updated card mechanics, and improved environmental and UI visuals.

Game Changes

  • Units with Waterbound can now walk on and over shallows, in addition to water.

Procedural Battlefield Updates

  • Environment models (e.g. rocks, flowers, grass, and trees) are now spawned outside of a generated battlefield corresponding to its assigned eco-region and habitat.
  • Added functionality to generate a water body around a mountain.
  • Added functionality to generate oceans and islands.
  • Added functionality to border an area on on flat or elevated terrain.
  • Added functionality to create spiral/straight ramps for elevation.
  • Added functionality to generate different shapes of battlefields:
    • Corner-lane: straight lane from one corner to another.
    • Edge-lane: straight lane from one  edge to another.
    • Arena: regular hex shape.
    • Horseshoe: hex shape with a smaller hex area subtracted from one corner.
    • Cross: crossed corner and edge-lane.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Added a 1-turn cooldown to Isa’s Acquire Contract reactive technique.
  • Gave Supply Balloon Flying.
  • Changed Imperial Artificer’s Clone Structure technique to not be able to clone command posts nor support operations.
  • Updated Portal to be able to port enemies, and gave it Spiritform.
  • Reduced cost of Countervail Turret from 3I to 2I. Gave its Chilling Missiles ability a 1-turn cooldown.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Renamed Gabion to Palisade and gave it a Deconstruct ability.
  • Renamed Fleetfire Cannonade to Fleetfire Fort. Added a reactive technique called Barricade that, when morphed to, spawns Palisade’s around the fort. Added an activated technique called Furnish Explosive that gives 1 ally the Chuck Petard ability until the end of turn.


  • Added a new claimable card called Cursed Bones. When claimed, it spawns 1 of three Skeleton cards.
  • Changed Wandering Conjurer’s Drop Loot technique to drop 1 Cursed Bones instead of immediately draw cards.
  • Reduced health of Frontier Bandit from 6 to 5. Reduced drop amount of loot from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced health of Terrorizing Roc from 15 to 12, attack from 4 to 3, and drop amount of loot from 4 to 3.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed several issues with technique targeting so that units do not incorrectly trigger Territorial or other trap reactive techniques.
  • Fixed a bug with some territorial condition techniques where the targets would not be inflicted with the technique’s condition.
  • Fixed an issue where a trap could be placed on top of another trap.
  • Fixed a bug where units couldn’t be placed correctly when spawned from techniques.
  • Fixed an issue with AI where it would not place units inside a walled-in base.
  • Fixed an issue with AI movement where AI would move to a hurtful terrain location.
  • Fixed issues with the radial menu and action panel so that attack abilities with a cooldown show the cooldown count.
  • Fixed some issues where colliders would interfere with clicking units.
  • Updated Unity to 2018.2.3f1
  • Skirmish score now multiplied a little based on the map shape and map radius. Bigger map typically means higher multiplier.
  • Added capability to reconnect to a skirmish after a player leaves the game client and reopens.
  • Replaced several models with cooler ones.
  • Most turrets and other structures/siege now rotate and shoot projectiles instead of merely instantiating effects when attacking.
  • Cards now display a really cool glow animation when they are playable.

CrysCo Update Notes – July 26, 2018

7/26/2018 – July 26th Update Notes


In this update we overview the significant improvements to procedural map generation, new in-game shop, and continued Nature faction revisions.

Game Changes

  • Fatigue is now given to morphed and cloned units.
  • Units killed by allies are no longer counted in the skirmish report’s kill/death ratio.

Procedural Battlefield Updates

  • Added functionality to generate lake water bodies with docks.
  • Added functionality to generate mountains with conquer points, a boss enemy, and minion enemies.
  • Added functionality to initially wall in each player’s base.
  • Added functionality to initially put each player’s base on top of a hill.
  • Added in path-checking in order to mitigate maps where players are entirely blocked off from one another.
  • Updated randomized unit spawning so that support operations, build sites, claimable units, and environmental enemies are not spawned next to each other.

In-game Shop

  • Added in a shop where players can purchase packs of cards using the in-game currency called Imperial Notes. This shop will become more relevant as we add in rewards, achievements,  daily quests, and login rewards.

Visual Updates

  • Replaced current battlefield tiles and some vegetation with custom models and materials.
  • Battlefields that are generated at the start of a skirmish now have an associated style that informs the look of the environment (e.g. a grasslands environment will have more grass, less rocks).
  • Water and shallow water have been replaced with an actual water object so that water is easier to identify.
  •  Added a custom model for Saen Sure-Shot.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Changed Buttress to only target allies.
  • Changed Portal so it can port creatures and/or structures. Increased its Ephemeral duration from 1 to 2 turns.

Nature (Green)

  • Gave Pitfall Trap the plant sub-card type.
  • Added
  • Replaced Brambleroot card from Resistance Shaman’s Sprout ability with Ballistixia.
  • Added a new rare trap card called Set Ironroot Trap (spawns Ironroot Trap) that costs 2N1C.
  • Added a new trap called Ironroot Trap that when triggered spawns an Ironroot on each spot adjacent to the foe. Range is 3 spaces.
  • Renamed Brambleroot to Ironroot and replaced its abilities with just toughness. Increased its health from 1 to 3. Is no longer is a trap.
  • Replaced Sea Canopy Windsinger‘s Territorial leap-AOE-damage effect with push.
  • Replaced Sea Canopy Skyhunter‘s Territorial damage-bleed effect with leap-AOE-damage-bleed effect. Increased its health from 2 to 3.
  • Decreased cost of Primal Rally from 6N2C to 4N2C and changed its rarity from uncommon to rare.
  • Changed Fellshroom’s Poisonous Spore to deal 1 damage in addition to inflicting poison.
  • Increased LOS of Direvine from 0 to 3. Removed its attack ability with an activated pull ability.
  • Added a new spell card called Bellow of the Grove: inflict vulnerability and fear on 7 enemies until the the end of turn.
  • Added Oldgrowth Kudzu: plant wall that has 1 armor.
  • Changed Deeproot Kuzu so that it no longer deals damage to itself when it uses its Proliferate ability, and it now evolves at 5 health to Oldgrowth Kudzu.
  • Increased the rarity of Sanctuary Bower from uncommon to rare. Increased the amount of health gained from Enlarged from 1 to 2 and increased the range of Cover from 2 to 3 (still has minimum range).
  • Increased Pelagorn’s Territorial intensity to give +2 attack and health until the end of next turn. Also gave it an activated ability to spawn a Pelagorn Egg.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Added a 1-turn cooldown to Traist, Prince of Hochraun’s Arrow Storm ability.
  • Changed Corpusant‘s Destructible trigger to be called Dissipate and added a trigger so that it dies whenever it is targeted by a spell.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Changed Wandering Conjurer‘s Territorial trigger to only target plants and creatures.


  • Updated Stone Giant to drop only the lowest tier of crystal fragment without cooldown and also condition adjacent units with cripple whenever it takes damage.
  • Added a new uncollectible siege card called Masterian Cutter: a waterbound boat that has a ranged attack, and deals 1 extra damage to structures.
  • Added a new blueprint called Frontier Dock that has an activated ability to spawn a Masterian Cutter.
  • Added a new buildsite called Ruined Dock where a Frontier Dock can be built.
  • Added an activated ability to Barricade that destroys it. This is so that walls can be destroyed if they are impeding their owner’s progress.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed some issues with double-clicking to confirm movement where the character would not move.
  • Fixed some issues with abilities that spawn units randomly within a range so that they now prioritize “safe” positions (i.e. ones that do not harm units).
  • Fixed a bug with Bleeding and Constricted conditions where the condition would not trigger each turn
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where blinded units could not see themselves.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where investments wouldn’t update correctly when the client reconciled with the server after a reconnect.
  • Fixed damage calculation so that conditions ignore elevation.
  • Fixed ability range for spawn abilities highlighting so that hexes are properly removed based on if the spawned unit can move to the position or not.
  • Fixed an issue where the turn timer would not resume after reconnection.
  • Fixed a text-parsing issue with Heal/Cleanse ability texts where the amount was excluded.
  • Fixed a technical issue with the push mechanic so that it checks the between position correctly.
  • Fixed a text-parsing issue with Evolve ability texts where the condition to evolve was excluded.
  • Added several missing card images for characters.
  • Changed the icon for interact on the radial menu and action panel from a sword to a pickax.
  • Modified the shader on void spots to correctly appear under FoW, above terrain, and under characters.
  • Added LOD groups to some objects.
  • Updated Unity engine to 2018.2.


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2018 Initiatives (Alpha!) & 2017 Recap

December flew by, what with the holidays and constantly adding new content to CrysCo’s alpha version. January is already off to a great start, and we’re just now getting around to posting a recap of our progress during the end of 2017 into 2018. If you haven’t already, join our Discord channel to begin playing Crystal Companies’ alpha debut today!

Here is a quick demo of what the game is looking like these days:

Nature Revamp

The Nature faction received a much-needed overhaul over the past month. The characteristic features of nature cards–environmental primacy, growth over time, and synergies between plants, spells, and creatures–have been emphasized and retooled for a much more defined play-feel. Plants in particular play a much bigger role with this update.

Population Capacity

The newly added population rule effectively creates another resource for players to manage during a skirmish. Instead of being able to indiscriminately play creature cards, a player must now balance their “pop cap” along with the cost of deploying a creature contract. Population does not impact structures or traps, but it does impact spells that produce creatures #makessense.


Last month, we revealed the investments feature. Further revisions now enable players to craft a more nuanced strategy over the course of a skirmish with better-defined investment lines and tiers:

  • The Infrastructure line offers investments upgrading population capacity, hand capacity, and health and armor of your structures and support operations.
  • The Military line offers investments upgrading a variety of attributes for your creatures such as attack, armor, and movement speed.
  • The Economy line offers investments upgrading resource generation and card acquisition.
  • Each investment costs purely crystal resource and only one investment of each line can be purchased each turn.


UX/UI Additions

UX changes this past month included a skirmish preview (which highlights you and your opponent’s captains and provides a random preview of cards from each player’s deck before the skirmish begins), toggle options in player settings for both the hex grid overlay and for health bars, as well as a sidebar that displays battle notes (in case you are ever wondering why a creature gets defeated or a spell doesn’t produce the result you expected).

New Hotkeys

New hotkeys were also added, and are as follows (by default):

  • Q: go to previous ally.
  • E: go to next ally.
  • R: go to next movable ally.
  • T: go to next attack-ready ally.
  • V: go to next visible enemy.
  • Escape: open game menu/settings.
  • Spacebar: confirm action.

New Map – Taru Quarry

Set in an old and overrun crystal mining quarry, Taru Quarry is a new map that is easy to wall and defend. Anima and thieves stalk the two outer lanes and there is a build-site in the center that is not easily accessible without Native or Flying.  Rock rubble will impede movement in the early game but are breakable barriers, which makes traversing a bit easier in the late game. Before the encampment was overrun, crystal was exposed but not yet mined.  You’ll find a giant crystal face on the right side of the map that fragments crystal every time your units hit it.


Many quality of life tweaks have been made over the past month and a half. Do check out our December and January update notes for all the gritty details! Or just grab a steam key from our Discord channel and experience them for yourself!

On the Horizon

The biggest focus for us in the near-term (which we hope will culminate in a successful Kickstarter campaign in the long-term) is community development. We have made much headway in ensuring Crystal Companies is not only fun, but also consistently smooth and exciting over many plays.

Without players’ feedback about the recent major changes, however, it becomes increasingly hard to improve the alpha version. We just can’t be sure what people want until we give it to them. So, if you or someone you know loves the idea of playing a turn-based 3D card game in an alpha-state, please grab a steam key from our Discord channel! Just type !key when you get there.

In addition to spreading the word about CrysCo’s alpha being available, we at Boreal Games will be working on re-integrating all-important features like deck construction, card acquisition, and collection management over the coming months.

We are more excited than ever to hear what you have to say about Crystal Companies and for what lies ahead for us and the community!





A Busy Start to Fall

Hello and welcome to any first-time readers! This is Boreal Games’ monthly update about Crystal Companies, the tactical CCG set for an early 2018 pre-release and Kickstarter. Skip to the end to find out how you can get involved in the development process!

The end of summer brought with it a deluge of improvements as we prepared CrysCo for the Boston Festival of Indie Games–this tweet provides a peek at our behind-the-scenes experience at FIG (minus the last-minute updates to the code and art in our AirBnB the night before…):

Here are the highlights of our efforts through September.

Draft Mode Redesign

The demo drafting screens have seen a complete redesign, which included the integration of some additional features, such as:

– Complete contract data can be viewed through the contract detail view from the draft scene, either while selecting drafted cards or after drafting a deck
– Players can now draft brigades to use in the single player demo, as well as select pre-built brigades to engage in multiplayer skirmishes
– Cool visual flare (which we count as a feature in this case because it was so egregiously non-existent before)

In-game UI Changes

There was also an overhaul of the active contract panel to be more informative and space efficient (sounds boring but makes a huge difference). Specifically, this meant the addition of:
– Dynamic indicators for agility, armor, and movement modifiers, which appear when a unit is affected by those modifiers.
– An action bar separate from the selection window in which battle actions a contract can take are now populated
– Buttons that can be hovered over to displays hex highlights and tooltips
– Action bar buttons for controlled units that have default keybindings from 1-9 for their battle actions

Drag to Play!

You’ve all be asking for it (or at least trying unsuccessfully to do this while play-testing the game)! The biggest, juiciest feature ever implemented in Crystal Companies. You can finally…DRAG TO PLAY CONTRACTS from your hand. Dragged contracts will glow after being dragged up far enough, indicating that when the left mouse button is lifted a contract will be played if you have the required resources.

Bezier Curve Movement

We’ve started to create new forms of character movement that use Bezier curves. Now when a character uses a leap skill, for instance, they move elegantly along a curve to the selected location.

So Many Effects!

One of the main goals this month was to create visual and sound effects for each ability and spell in Crystal Companies. We created hundreds of new particle effects which are now synchronized with game events. So now, for example, when Gunpowder Trap explodes there is an accompanying explosion particle effect and sound!

Spells like Bludgeon looks pretty cool now, too:

Legendary Cards

This month we experimented with a few different legendary characters, partly to see how many ridiculous situations we could create. There is still a bit of fine-tuning to be done on the new legendary cards so that they aren’t OP, but we are thus far pretty happy with how they complement their respective resource factions.

On the Horizon

As anyone who came by our booth at Boston FIG can attest, Crystal Companies is looking and playing better than ever. This is why we are rolling out a more robust demo for you to access, as well as building up our community before the game is officially released several months from now. This month we will be tackling more quality-of-life UI tasks (including elements for navigating new game scenes!) as well as implementing our first single-player campaign mode. And anything else that comes up or we can get done before November is here (yikies, time flies!).

In the meantime, here’s how you can get involved:

  • Join our Discord server (soon we will be adding alpha keys, which you will only be able to access through our Discord channel!)
  • Watch our Twitch stream on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and other soon-to-be-designated times)
  • Follow us on Twitter for regular updates
  • Download the current demo (if you’re feeling adventurous)
  • Share CrysCo with your friends, and let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading! We hope to connect with you in Discord / on Twitch / on Twitter soon 🙂