Indie Days, Dog Days

We hope you all had a swell June and first week of July–we certainly have! (except for Will–#allergies)

Here’s a rundown of our progress over the past month:

Behind-the-scenes updates

  • Developed several tools to aid in back-end automation and efficiency–tasks like iterating on ideas, testing card balance, troubleshooting new card abilities, and updating battlefields have been dramatically streamlined.
  • Continued refining the first set (we’re getting closer to having every card in the game in its latest iteration! Spirit is coming up next…)
  • Simplified many of CrysCo’s server and client components to help streamline new feature implementation and mitigate future headaches!


Character Detail Screens!


On the Horizon

This month we’re looking at finalizing many of the cards that remain in limbo, as well as further work on management screens–i.e., the playable game is becoming more playable! As always, catch our streams to see weekly progress!

Big updates to the overall look and feel of the website are also on the docket.

If you’re reading this and asking: “how can I help right now?” the answer is: get yourself and your friends signed up for our mailing list! We promise to make it worth y’all’s while in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks for reading–see you next month!