CrysCo Update Notes – August 21, 2018

8/21/2018 – August 21st Update Notes

We’ve continued to expand the procedural generation functionality, updated card mechanics, and improved environmental and UI visuals.

Game Changes

  • Units with Waterbound can now walk on and over shallows, in addition to water.

Procedural Battlefield Updates

  • Environment models (e.g. rocks, flowers, grass, and trees) are now spawned outside of a generated battlefield corresponding to its assigned eco-region and habitat.
  • Added functionality to generate a water body around a mountain.
  • Added functionality to generate oceans and islands.
  • Added functionality to border an area on on flat or elevated terrain.
  • Added functionality to create spiral/straight ramps for elevation.
  • Added functionality to generate different shapes of battlefields:
    • Corner-lane: straight lane from one corner to another.
    • Edge-lane: straight lane from one  edge to another.
    • Arena: regular hex shape.
    • Horseshoe: hex shape with a smaller hex area subtracted from one corner.
    • Cross: crossed corner and edge-lane.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Added a 1-turn cooldown to Isa’s Acquire Contract reactive technique.
  • Gave Supply Balloon Flying.
  • Changed Imperial Artificer’s Clone Structure technique to not be able to clone command posts nor support operations.
  • Updated Portal to be able to port enemies, and gave it Spiritform.
  • Reduced cost of Countervail Turret from 3I to 2I. Gave its Chilling Missiles ability a 1-turn cooldown.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Renamed Gabion to Palisade and gave it a Deconstruct ability.
  • Renamed Fleetfire Cannonade to Fleetfire Fort. Added a reactive technique called Barricade that, when morphed to, spawns Palisade’s around the fort. Added an activated technique called Furnish Explosive that gives 1 ally the Chuck Petard ability until the end of turn.


  • Added a new claimable card called Cursed Bones. When claimed, it spawns 1 of three Skeleton cards.
  • Changed Wandering Conjurer’s Drop Loot technique to drop 1 Cursed Bones instead of immediately draw cards.
  • Reduced health of Frontier Bandit from 6 to 5. Reduced drop amount of loot from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced health of Terrorizing Roc from 15 to 12, attack from 4 to 3, and drop amount of loot from 4 to 3.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed several issues with technique targeting so that units do not incorrectly trigger Territorial or other trap reactive techniques.
  • Fixed a bug with some territorial condition techniques where the targets would not be inflicted with the technique’s condition.
  • Fixed an issue where a trap could be placed on top of another trap.
  • Fixed a bug where units couldn’t be placed correctly when spawned from techniques.
  • Fixed an issue with AI where it would not place units inside a walled-in base.
  • Fixed an issue with AI movement where AI would move to a hurtful terrain location.
  • Fixed issues with the radial menu and action panel so that attack abilities with a cooldown show the cooldown count.
  • Fixed some issues where colliders would interfere with clicking units.
  • Updated Unity to 2018.2.3f1
  • Skirmish score now multiplied a little based on the map shape and map radius. Bigger map typically means higher multiplier.
  • Added capability to reconnect to a skirmish after a player leaves the game client and reopens.
  • Replaced several models with cooler ones.
  • Most turrets and other structures/siege now rotate and shoot projectiles instead of merely instantiating effects when attacking.
  • Cards now display a really cool glow animation when they are playable.

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