2/2/2019 – February 2nd Update Notes

As we continue to prepare a Kickstarter campaign for Crystal Companies (mid March), we have worked to simplify confusing game mechanics, enhanced battlefield aesthetics, and added in cool new character models.

Resource Simplification

  • We reduced the number of types of resources from five to two in order to simplify CC’s resource system and to allow more creativity in deck building.
  • Imperial Notes are generated by support operations, cards, and other generators built on the battlefield. Notes are the more general resource that most cards cost.
  • Crystal is much rarer than notes and typically only attained by collecting it from crystal formations. More powerful cards typically cost crystal and notes.
  • By simplifying the number of resources, we have effectively removed the restrictions from resource factions. We are focusing more on building synergies through card effects instead of restricting pigeonholing players into using cards that cost a particular resource type.
  • What previously would give/cost 1 “faction” resource now gives/costs 25 Imperial Notes.

Support Operations

Each faction-specific support operation now generates Imperial Notes instead of its now deprecated faction resource. In order to make each support operation align with a faction, their upgrade forms now have an ability that synergizes with its corresponding faction.

  • Zligen Mega-Coil now has an activated ability that deals 2 damage to an enemy in range.
  • Deeproot Lifetree now gives +2 health to each adjacent ally at the beginning of your turn.
  • Hochraun Garrison now has an activated ability to spawn a Hochraun Soldier.
  • Drake Isle Apothecary now has an activated ability to purchase a potion for 25 notes.

Map Generation

  • A battlefield’s biome now informs many aspects of map generation including the land formations, water bodies, flora, fauna, and lighting.
  • Weather now is generated based on current temperature, biome, and wind intensity.
  • Fixed many issues with pathfinding so that paths to each economical area are balanced for both players.

Alomian Character Models

  • Each Alomian, Drake Isle, Helmscross, Fleetfire, and Outlander character now has a custom 3D model.

Card Updates

  • Added Zligen Dynamo: 4 attack 3 health 5 movement construct with Zeal, Ephemeral, and a Transmute trigger to increase ephemeral.
  • Changed the unit spawned by Calpytra’s Transmute trigger from a Zligen Construct to a Zligen Dynamo.
  • Reduced range of Kokumo’s Bladegale ability from 3 to 1. Reduced max damage dealt from 4 to 3.
  • Updated Helmscross Brawler so that he is dealt 1 damage on combat damage and is given 1 stack of vulnerability.
  • Decreased the range of Ryden’s Deploy Static Field Generator ability from 3 to 2.
  • Removed damage effect Static Field Generator‘s on its trap trigger. Removed condition from its death trigger explosion.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed many issues with adding and removing conditions/attributes.
  • Fixed issues with certain abilities not changing the correct attributes.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial would not save progress properly and thus not allow players to move past the first scenario.
  • Added support for ultra-wide aspect ratios.

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