2/27/2019 – February 27th Update Notes

Over the past few weeks we’ve focused on simplifying overcomplicated gameplay mechanics, adding in new camera controls, and polishing many of the major user interactions.

Alpha Program

If you haven’t already joined the official Crystal Companies Discord server, and want a free Steam key, today is the last day that the !key command will work. With only a few weeks left before we kick off our Kickstarter campaign, we will be transitioning into a new phase for Crystal Companies and the Boreal Games team. Thank you to all that have participated in this testing program!

Conquer Victory

We changed the way conquer points are achieved and lost. Previously, conquer points were permanent, and if you achieved four conquer points you would automatically win. In most cases where a player would go for the conquer victory, there didn’t tend to be much map conquering going on. A player would typically find a conquer point generator and then turtle up there until the skirmish was won.

To promote exploration and urgency to conquer the battlefield, we have changed how conquer points are won and lost. Now, upon building a structure at a buildsite, you will be awarded one conquer point. If your built structure is destroyed, you will lose one conquer point. If a player controls all build sites on the map for a full turn, they win by conquer.

Camera Controls

  • The camera can now be rotated 360 degrees on the yaw axis and between 40 to 80 degrees on the pitch axis.
  • The camera is now part of a cinematic control system where cameras can seamlessly transition from one to another.
  • Camera rotation can now be reset by hitting the ‘C’ key.

Card Updates

  • Increased condition duration of Woodfolk Harrower‘s Harmonize trigger from 2 to 3 turns.
  • Fixed Zligen Mega Coil‘s and Deeproot Lifetree‘s abilities so that the targeting on them works correctly.
  • Fixed Direvine‘s Territorial trigger to deal damage instead of heal.
  • Changed Restored Menhir to no longer generate conquer points.
  • Fixed an issue on Gunpowder Keg where it could not be interacted with to activate its Explode ability.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed several lingering issues related to the resource simplification update, including deck analytics, power ranking, and ability text parsing.
  • Fixed bugs relating to accepting and undoing movement.
  • Fixed connectivity issues relating to sending certain message improperly, which caused weaker connections to disconnect.
  • Fixed issue with the enlarged and entranced conditions not updating attributes on client.

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