1/15/2019 – January 15th Update Notes

We are currently in the middle of several projects, so this month’s update is largely a preview of things coming soon. We are working on preparing a Kickstarter campaign for mid-March, implementing a reward system and economy, and making significant improvements to the map generation system.

Game Changes

  • The shallows terrain effect no longer has an increased movement cost.
  • Added a new terrain type called road, which has default movement cost regardless of change in elevation.

Economy Backend

  • We added a new section of the start screen where items can be viewed and opened. This is primarily for testing purposes, since we are still developing how exactly we are implementing the economy, but we plan on connecting rewards/inventory very soon.
  • What you can expect is that you will be rewarded for playing Crystal Companies and that every item will be achievable through playing.
  • The items that will be achievable in the earliest release are the following:
    • Imperial Contract Pack: a pack of cards.
    • Imperial Notes: the general currency of Crystal Companies.

Map Generation Backend

  • We’ve been working on expanding the map generation system in order to 1) better connect players to CrysCo’s lore and world, and 2) to create fun maps to battle on.
  • Most of the updates to the map generation system deal with translating and modifying real-world systems so that the battlefields emulate, at least in part, real life but also reflect CrysCo’s unique and fantastical world.
  • Eco-regions, biomes,  geology, climate, geomorphology, and many more are components that we have been researching and translating.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Increased Quinnlus‘ health from 5 to 6. Changed card type to structure and gave him the Siege sub-card type. Replaced his Transmute trigger effect (+1 attack/health) with cooldown all abilities by 1 turn. Increased the cooldown of his two activated abilities from 1 to 3.
  • Increased Zligen Sprite‘s Ephemeral duration from 1 to 2 turns.

Nature (Green)

  • Increased the condition duration of Growth Potion from 1 to 3 turns.
  • Increased the condition duration of Groven Piper‘s  Tranquil Melody ability from 1 to 2.
  • Changed Grove Sentry‘s Harmonize effect to give +health instead of +movement.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Increased the max damage of Drake Isle Mutineer‘s Chuck Cherry Bomb ability from 1 to 2. Damage now ignores elevation.
  • Removed Zeal from Alomian Brigand and Alomian Outlaw.
  • Changed Brimstone Mortar so that when it attacks it AOE burns around the target attacked position.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Added a fast-forward icon to the dialogue manager so that players are aware that they can skip teletyping.
  • Created a simple user reporting window for users to send bug reports through unity cloud.
  • Upgraded Unity to 2018.3.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where conditions would be cleansed/compounded on the AI GAIA player turn.
  • Fixed condition duration count on several condition effects.
  • Fixed issues with particle systems not removing correctly.
  • Fixed issues with attacking where rotations weren’t calculated correctly.
  • Fixed issues with moving/undoing movement syncing with server.

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