CrysCo Update Notes – July 2, 2018

7/2/2018 – July 2nd Update Notes

In this update we focused on creating new battlefields, revising the Nature faction, and fixing many bugs and user experience issues.

Game Changes

  • All battlefields (even ones in testing) are temporarily available to all players.
  • Most siege units now have 1 line of sight.
  • Changed the Blinded condition to always reduce line of sight to zero.
  • Added interface volume to audio settings.
  • Added control settings so that players have more control on camera panning and zooming speeds and are able to enable or disable camera panning features.

New Battlefields

  • Battlefront: players each start in a walled-in fort defended by a Frontier Turret.  An interactable Frontier Workshop exists to the left of each base and more Crystal Formations to the right. Great for late-game decks to easily boom without interruption.
  • Hillfort: players start at the top of their own hill with few resources. More resources are found in the flatlands below each hill, so exploration is key. A Frontier Menhir is in the center of the map but is surrounded by fire.
  • Full Random: procedurally generated map where players can experience any terrain type, elevation, AI creature, or interactable unit. Map size is also randomized.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Increased cost of Artillery Turret from 1C 3I to 2C 3I.
  • Reduced cost of Utility Turret from 2C 4I to 1C 3I.

Nature (Green)

  • Re-added Resistance Shaman (in place of the now depreciated Resistance Herbalist) with new abilities: Immunity and an activated ability to spawn one of three plant trap/bomb units (Brambleroot, Amorphia, or Fellshroom).
  • Added a new potion uncollectible spell card called Sylg Leaf Tonic: give +2 health to all creatures for 2 turns.
  • Added a new uncollectible plant trap card called Brambleroot: constricts enemies in range when it dies, destroys itself when enemies enter range, and has invisibility.
  • Added a new uncollectible plant trap card called Amorphia: gives the plant sub-type to all enemies in range when it dies, destroys itself when enemies enter range, and has invisibility.
  • Changed Fellshroom so that it destroys itself when enemies enter range, and has invisibility.
  • Changed Wandering Mandrake‘s Cursed Screech ability to trigger on death. Gave it Invisibility.
  • Combined Deeproot Toxinist and Resistance Herbalist into Deeproot Herbalist. Both cards were almost identical except that they Harvested for different potions. Added a third potion, called Sylg Leaf Tonic that can be harvested.
  • Changed Woodfolk Keeper to spawn a Honey Bee on enter and whenever a plant enters. Removed its Produce Bee activated ability. Added an activated ability to harvest a plant to draw a Honey card. Added a trigger that spawns a Keeper Seed when Woodfolk Keeper dies.
  • Changed condition on Direvine‘s Territorial ability from Entangle to Constrict.
  • Updated Renskelon Wolfsgrube to have a melee attack, spawn a Dire Wolf instead of a regular wolf on enter, and have a territorial ability to spawn a Dire Wolf.
  • Replaced Forestal Bard‘s activated ability Melody of the Grove with Broadwood Song: give +2 health and LOS to all plants and creatures for 2 turns.
  • Gave Woodfolk Harrower an activated ability called Bellow of the Grove: inflict Fear and Vulnerability on all enemy creatures within range.
  • Gave Groven Piper Zeal but reduced its attack to 0. Also reduced cost of its activated ability,Tranquil Melody, from 2N to 1N.
  • Increased amount of health gained from Soul Seedling‘s Grow from 2 to 4.
  • Reduced cost of Spider Broodmother’s Produce Arachnid Egg ability from 2N to 1N.
  • Reduced amount healed and cleansed on Honey from 4 to 3.
  • Reduced range of Forest-Floor Gardiner’s Sprout ability from 3 to 2. Changed the card that is spawned from Fellshroom to Soul Seedling.
  • Reduced cost of Pitfall Trap from 1C3N to 3N.
  • Reduced Deeproot Harvester‘s cost from 2N to 1N.
  • Reduced range of Starnys Grovekeeper‘s Sprouting Melody from 10 to 7.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Replaced Menhiran Hopplite‘s Pierce attribute with Zeal.
  • Added new spirit legendary called Harken Knight of the Menhiran Order : 5/6/4/4 with ranged attack that can pierce 3 units, Zeal, Faithful trigger to give Overshield, and a leap AOE burn/blind ability.
  • Reduced cost of Cataclysm from 4C 10S to 4C 7S.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Reduced attack on Alomian Rogue from 3 to 1. Replaced its Bounty ability with Steal: AA to deal 1 damage to creature and gain 0 to 3 wealth.
  • Changed Helmscross Brawler‘s Bloodlust ability to inflict Bleeding instead of Vulnerability, and the ability no longer gives Multistrike. Its Adrenaline now gives Multistrike in addition to +1 attack and only triggers when it is dealt damage in combat.
  • Reduced Drake Isle Madcap‘s attack from 2 to 1 and increased its movement from 4 to 5.
  • Reduced cost of The Wasp from 3W to 2W, attack from 2 to 1, and Creature Razer amount from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced Drake Isle Mutineer‘s movement from 5 to 4.


  • Reduced LOS of Frontier Outpost from 5 to 3.
  • Fontier Turret’s Auto-Shot now has a minimum range.
  • Reduced LOS of Frontier Rockslinger from 5 to 4.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Created a simple character platform for detail view that characters stand on.
  • Units that die on quicksand or void now sink into the ground
  • Updated legendary AI so that it doesn’t automatically draw 2 cards per turn.
  • Added descriptions for terrain type effects.
  • Added new soundtrack to the start view.
  • Added information about the effects of certain terrain types and higher elevation to the help menu.
  • Fixed Imperial Reaver‘s Reinforce ability so that it works properly when building a tower.
  • Fixed card id on Frontier Workshop so that it is not duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue with AI where a dead unit could keep trying to do things even after it was dead.
  • Fixed several issues where units with a Territorial trigger would target their allies.
  • Fixed bug where reverse entranced unit would not return to its owner’s control.
  • Fixed bug where dealing 0 damage would trigger the dealt-damage trigger on a unit.
  • Fixed a bug where AI would not attack enemies with Overshield.
  • Fixed a bug where Wild Brute would keep its interact ability even after it has been interacted with.
  • Fixed a card id issue with Sea Canopy Windsinger so that it is now playable.
  • Fixed some potential issues with AI movement (no longer walking on lava and prioritizing higher elevation elevation).
  • Fixed an issue where claimables and AI were spawned on lava and other hurtful terrain types.
  • Fixed issue where clicking a card in the collection view would not load spells correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the tutorial where it would give resource incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug with updating the fog of war where if it was updated too quickly, would not change the fog correctly.


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