CrysCo Update Notes – July 26, 2018

7/26/2018 – July 26th Update Notes


In this update we overview the significant improvements to procedural map generation, new in-game shop, and continued Nature faction revisions.

Game Changes

  • Fatigue is now given to morphed and cloned units.
  • Units killed by allies are no longer counted in the skirmish report’s kill/death ratio.

Procedural Battlefield Updates

  • Added functionality to generate lake water bodies with docks.
  • Added functionality to generate mountains with conquer points, a boss enemy, and minion enemies.
  • Added functionality to initially wall in each player’s base.
  • Added functionality to initially put each player’s base on top of a hill.
  • Added in path-checking in order to mitigate maps where players are entirely blocked off from one another.
  • Updated randomized unit spawning so that support operations, build sites, claimable units, and environmental enemies are not spawned next to each other.

In-game Shop

  • Added in a shop where players can purchase packs of cards using the in-game currency called Imperial Notes. This shop will become more relevant as we add in rewards, achievements,  daily quests, and login rewards.

Visual Updates

  • Replaced current battlefield tiles and some vegetation with custom models and materials.
  • Battlefields that are generated at the start of a skirmish now have an associated style that informs the look of the environment (e.g. a grasslands environment will have more grass, less rocks).
  • Water and shallow water have been replaced with an actual water object so that water is easier to identify.
  •  Added a custom model for Saen Sure-Shot.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Changed Buttress to only target allies.
  • Changed Portal so it can port creatures and/or structures. Increased its Ephemeral duration from 1 to 2 turns.

Nature (Green)

  • Gave Pitfall Trap the plant sub-card type.
  • Added
  • Replaced Brambleroot card from Resistance Shaman’s Sprout ability with Ballistixia.
  • Added a new rare trap card called Set Ironroot Trap (spawns Ironroot Trap) that costs 2N1C.
  • Added a new trap called Ironroot Trap that when triggered spawns an Ironroot on each spot adjacent to the foe. Range is 3 spaces.
  • Renamed Brambleroot to Ironroot and replaced its abilities with just toughness. Increased its health from 1 to 3. Is no longer is a trap.
  • Replaced Sea Canopy Windsinger‘s Territorial leap-AOE-damage effect with push.
  • Replaced Sea Canopy Skyhunter‘s Territorial damage-bleed effect with leap-AOE-damage-bleed effect. Increased its health from 2 to 3.
  • Decreased cost of Primal Rally from 6N2C to 4N2C and changed its rarity from uncommon to rare.
  • Changed Fellshroom’s Poisonous Spore to deal 1 damage in addition to inflicting poison.
  • Increased LOS of Direvine from 0 to 3. Removed its attack ability with an activated pull ability.
  • Added a new spell card called Bellow of the Grove: inflict vulnerability and fear on 7 enemies until the the end of turn.
  • Added Oldgrowth Kudzu: plant wall that has 1 armor.
  • Changed Deeproot Kuzu so that it no longer deals damage to itself when it uses its Proliferate ability, and it now evolves at 5 health to Oldgrowth Kudzu.
  • Increased the rarity of Sanctuary Bower from uncommon to rare. Increased the amount of health gained from Enlarged from 1 to 2 and increased the range of Cover from 2 to 3 (still has minimum range).
  • Increased Pelagorn’s Territorial intensity to give +2 attack and health until the end of next turn. Also gave it an activated ability to spawn a Pelagorn Egg.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Added a 1-turn cooldown to Traist, Prince of Hochraun’s Arrow Storm ability.
  • Changed Corpusant‘s Destructible trigger to be called Dissipate and added a trigger so that it dies whenever it is targeted by a spell.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Changed Wandering Conjurer‘s Territorial trigger to only target plants and creatures.


  • Updated Stone Giant to drop only the lowest tier of crystal fragment without cooldown and also condition adjacent units with cripple whenever it takes damage.
  • Added a new uncollectible siege card called Masterian Cutter: a waterbound boat that has a ranged attack, and deals 1 extra damage to structures.
  • Added a new blueprint called Frontier Dock that has an activated ability to spawn a Masterian Cutter.
  • Added a new buildsite called Ruined Dock where a Frontier Dock can be built.
  • Added an activated ability to Barricade that destroys it. This is so that walls can be destroyed if they are impeding their owner’s progress.

Bug Fixes and Polish

  • Fixed some issues with double-clicking to confirm movement where the character would not move.
  • Fixed some issues with abilities that spawn units randomly within a range so that they now prioritize “safe” positions (i.e. ones that do not harm units).
  • Fixed a bug with Bleeding and Constricted conditions where the condition would not trigger each turn
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where blinded units could not see themselves.
  • Fixed a gameplay bug where investments wouldn’t update correctly when the client reconciled with the server after a reconnect.
  • Fixed damage calculation so that conditions ignore elevation.
  • Fixed ability range for spawn abilities highlighting so that hexes are properly removed based on if the spawned unit can move to the position or not.
  • Fixed an issue where the turn timer would not resume after reconnection.
  • Fixed a text-parsing issue with Heal/Cleanse ability texts where the amount was excluded.
  • Fixed a technical issue with the push mechanic so that it checks the between position correctly.
  • Fixed a text-parsing issue with Evolve ability texts where the condition to evolve was excluded.
  • Added several missing card images for characters.
  • Changed the icon for interact on the radial menu and action panel from a sword to a pickax.
  • Modified the shader on void spots to correctly appear under FoW, above terrain, and under characters.
  • Added LOD groups to some objects.
  • Updated Unity engine to 2018.2.


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