CrysCo Update Notes – June 12, 2018

6/12/2018 – June 12th Update Notes

New Steam-integrated inventory system, reconnection feature, and plenty of card updates, game changes, and bug fixes.

Inventory System

  • Players now have an inventory connected with Steam. There are several types of items that can be opened to get cards, currency, or packs of other items.
  • Notable items are the Imperial Notes Pack (gives currency) and the Contract Pack (gives cards).
  • We are currently working on rewarding items for winning skirmishes, so look out for that soon!

Skirmish Reconnection

  • Now if a player disconnects from a skirmish, the game will wait up to two minutes for that player to reconnect and resume gameplay.
    • If a disconnected player does not return within two minutes, that player that left will automatically forfeit the skirmish.

Game Changes

  • Changed the claim action to a more general “interact” action.
    • To interact with a valid interactable, move a creature unit next to it and use the radial menu or unit action panel to select the “Interact” action. Then select the interactable.
    • Units may now only interact once per turn.
    • Some interactables can still be stepped on. In  this case, the interactable will only be activated if the unit stepping on it has not already interacted that turn.
  • Changed all heal/cleanse abilities to be able to target enemies (for mind controlled units).
  • Destroyed walls and crystal formations no longer are added to the kill count of a skirmish report.
  • Changed Strongholds investment to give +8 population instead of +9 so that 20 is the new default max population.
  • Change name of Swamp terrain type to Shallows. Structures can no longer be built on Shallows.
  • The Stunned condition now disables a unit from interacting.
  • Leaping from higher to lower elevation now increases ability amount by 1. No reduction from leaping from lower to higher, however.
    • e.g. if Quinnlus uses his Thrust ability, leaping from a higher elevation to a lower elevation, he will deal 2 damage instead of 1 to each unit that is on a lower elevation.

Card Updates

Intellect (Orange)

  • Increased cost of Link Lightning from 3I to 4I and gave it the ability to target structures/traps in addition to creatures.
  • Reduced amount Imperial Reaver‘s Reinforce reactive ability from 2 to 1.
  • Reduced cost of Imperial Mason‘s spawn Barricade ability from 3I to 2I.

Nature (Green)

  • Removed the cost on Deeproot Kudzu‘s Proliferate ability.
  • Renamed Young Arachnid to Spiderling.
  • Renamed Young Tree Lizard to Tree Lizard Hatchling.
  • Gave all second-generation evolvable units a Harvest ability to eat a plant to gain health.
  • Reduced cost of Deeproot Toxinist from 3N to 1N. Fixed an issue with text parser on Scavenge Potion.

Spirit (Light Blue)

  • Gave Ascendant Seraph Zeal.

Wealth (Yellow)

  • Gave Automaton Zeal.


  • Added new interactable units:
    • Wild Brute: interact to gain control of it.
    • Frontier Trading Post: interact to gain 2 resource based on your resource generators.
    • Frontier Bivouac: interact to recruit a solider.
    • Scrivener’s Tent: interact to acquire one of three spell cards.
    • Smithy’s Tent: interact to acquire one of three weapon spell cards.
    • Apothecary’s Tent: interact to acquire one of three potion spell cards.
    • Imperial Workshop : interact to acquire one of three siege, repair structure, or build structure cards.
    • Strongbox: interact to drop various items.
  • Added Dead Tree : uncollectible, breakable wall.
  • Increased health of Frontier Bandit from 5 to 6, reduced movement from 4 to 3.
  • Changed Terrorizing Roc so that it now drops loot on death, and has a territorial leap-AOE damage trigger. Reduced its movement from 4 to 3. Increased its health from 12 to 15.
  • Gave a 1-turn cooldown to Masterian Geomancer’s drop crystal ability, and also changed the drop crystal ability so it now only drops the smallest Crystal fragment.
  • Increased attack of Frontier Rockslinger from 3 to 4.
  • Increased cost of Restored Menhir from 2C to 4C.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ability text parser to correctly put the ability owner name in passive technique texts.
  • Fixed Zeal so it properly reverses fatigue.
  • Removed several instances of excess “for” words in ability texts.
  • Fixed card id of Countervail Turret so it is now playable.
  • Fixed Zligen Carbine‘s text to show condition duration.
  • Fixed issues with captain costs after death increasing incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues with AI not moving at all.
  • Fixed bug where the skirmish report would always show “Defeated”.
  • Fixed issues with AI infinitely interacting with multi-visitable interactables.
  • Fixed issue where movement cost was not calculated correctly on elevation.
  • Fixed visual issue with dropping interactables at correct targets.
  • Fixed targeting for location-targeted abilities so that they can target locations that are occupied by a trap.
  • Fixed a bug in changing ownership of units where the wrong player was given control of the changed unit.
  • Fixed issues with registering users and initializing user correctly


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