It’s hard to believe February has come and gone–except that when we look back, we actually got a lot done! Phew!

That said, our work this month has been mostly behind the scenes. But here are the high-points anyway:

1. New Logo

2. New website

As you might have noticed,  has had a major facelift. The new system will allow us to integrate functionality more easily in the future, like leaderboards or cards pulled right from the live game database.

3. Hosted our first demo event

We received a ton of great feedback from first-time players and ate pizza, so yeah. #success

4. Very update, much optimize

Here’s a list of general optimizations Brad made that are super important but not the sexiest:

  • Optimized model meshes and textures to work more efficiently on lower-end machines
  • Updated model instantiation to be much more efficient and display much more smoothly
  • Increased line of sight performance
  • Fixed several bugs pertaining to loot abilities, duplicate, clone, drawing cards, text parsing, and resource conversion
  • Updated movement to display much smoother and removed sudden teleporting on undoing movement. Units also do not suddenly appear at their end point but instead appear when they enter a visible hex spot
  • Updated heal to increase health over maximum health points
  • Added in missing card art

On the horizon

In March we’ll be heading to more events, including our own focus groups. We are still locating talented concept artists to further develop the world of Crystal Companies. Game play adjustments and an updated battlefield are also on the docket.

If you have a moment, help us out by playing our latest demo and filling out a survey (with a chance to win a Nintendo Switch…)–or just hop on our mailing list if you haven’t already. #thanksinadvance

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