We spent the end of 2019 into the beginning of 2020 updating the visuals for CrysCo’s user interface. And now we can finally share the results with you!

Expedition End View

This end view summarizes your expedition via snapshots taken during your journey along with corresponding notes on your performance.

The new expedition end view allows players who have completed an expedition to see the details of their journey. This feature shows:

  • A snapshot taken during each battle in your journey
  • The number of turns it took to finish
  • What objectives were completed to finish a scenario during an expedition

Inventory Updates

The new player inventory updates include visuals as well as a size function that emphasizes strategizing item management.
Here is a view of the player’s inventory while visiting a fort.

A series of updates to the inventory system took place over the last few months. Here is a quick overview:

  • New item icons have been created for carried items
  • Items in a wagon inventory now have a size, which places emphasis on managing wagon inventory throughout an expedition
  • To facilitate item management, when a player loots items that cannot fit into their inventory, they are presented with the option to rearrange their carried itemsβ€” by either using or discarding currently held items in an overflow view

Transitions Just Got Smooth

Dissolve effect is a big improvement if we do say so ourselves.
  • Loading screens and moving from scene to scene have been tweaked to flow more logically from task to task
  • New loading icons and loading screen layout make things generally more pleasurable to experience

On the Horizon

We are moving closer and closer to a beta release–so close we can almost taste it! πŸ‘…

Some of the things that still need to be done/are in process now include tweaks to the item management system, as well as additional UI/UX overhauls that we hope will be on par with these recent updates–or even better! 🀞😬

So until then, thanks for reading! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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